BLaw's Mods - Joker, Doctor Octopus, Penance, G. Goblin, Sandman and MORE!

Started by BLaw, October 08, 2008, 04:48AM

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It's worth it! Green Goblin is fun. His melee is kind of weak, but his powers are superb. Plus flying around, throwing bombs all of the place.... Couldn't be better. Which reminds me that there's no pumpkin bomb thrown in the menu screen and when using the X-treme.

Oh and one thing is standard, no bug: he doesn't repower while flying. So if you want to regenerate energy, land.

Once my system is back and running @ 100%, I'll create a small "choose what you want" addon featuring 1 model I already made and one I need to create still, but the skin is ready. My WB-readers may know what I'm talking aboot.

To complete the team of Spider-Man, there remains only Doc Oc. Congratulations Blaw's.
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But aw shucks...
I want to finish this round first, so i won't get it straight off.
It is bloody awesome that it came out tho!

GREENIE! Finally thanks a lot Blaw :D

aventureiromax@ There is also a Electro mod out. That does it for me :P. OR Mysterio or Lizard or Punisher etc.... XD

just tried the gobby mod and it's great! I was expecting it to be more betaish, but it's a lot more finnished than I imagined. the skins are absolutely perfect, great job!
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hey blaw, a few things.
first off, i absolutely love daken. goblin is very fun too. he has a concise amount of powers that are all fun and useful (love the 1st, 4th and grabsmash especially.

second off, some bugs: occasionally green goblin is completely unable to regain energy, and not just while flying. also for goblin there is a verticle line in the "heavy" attack. also when sandmen isn't being controlled by the player, the skinsegments don't hide after powers are used.

edit: molegame is also deliciously inventive and fun. you should make it so 1 out of 10 times or something the fist is actualy giving the finger ^^.

Oh lol the finger idea is great hahaha

@ nowhereman: thanks^^
@ deedoo again: I think, after reading your message, that I know how to hide the segments when a power fails due to a pre-attack of an enemy. I'll update the mod soon with the fix, if I'm correct at all. I didn't knew how to fix it, just until now :P

The vertical line was coded for his heavy attack in the MUA2 files. I thought: why not leave it that way. I think he has a heavy attack on his glider, but I couldn't really see it at the start and middle of the animation, only at the end (he jumps off the glider). However, I think it the glider part wasn't coded for the heavy attack. I'll recheck that.

:o btw just an idea you should recoler the sand on sandmans skins (ultimate and wildpack) to the same color the sand attack uses.
it looks kinda weird seeing him using darker and lighter sand. But its just an idea :P

(example is = use wildpack skin and try to do the first attack (with the big fists forgot its name XD) then you see that the fists are lighter then sandmans sand color (its just a idea again)

I guess Sandman needs an update. I found another thing in his powerstyle, which is linked to colossus instead of himself. A costume passive, of the first skin.

I have to go through his coding again.

Had a chance to finally give Gobby a whirl today. Wow. Really, really fun. Haven't had the opportunity to go all out with him yet, but so far, so good. Excellent job, BLaw.

could i bother you again with a request for a non-installer version of scarlet spider? installers don't work for me as i do not have necicary user privileges on my pc.