BLaw's Mods - Joker, Doctor Octopus, Penance, G. Goblin, Sandman and MORE!

Started by BLaw, October 08, 2008, 04:48AM

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Excellent work as usual Mr. Law :) I had a question, how would I go about changing Sandman's size\height? he seems a bit...small compared to my other characters.
Let slip the dogs of war!

i believe add this to the herostat:
   scale_factor = 1.X ;
where x is how much percent you want to increase by. for example 1.15 is 15 percent and if you wanted smaller for some reason, 0.8 is 80 percent.

Oh sure. Wanted to pack his files up anyway because of the new models.


:spiderman: Scarlet Spider - MUA Ps2 skin (0903)
:spiderman: Ben Reilly - HQ model by BLaw
:spiderman: Joe Wade - HQ model by BLaw
:spiderman: Spider-Carnage - by BLaw

This mod features:
- 8 powers, most which Spider-Man does not have to make Scarlet Spider different
  It also makes Scarlet a technical fighter;
- 2 skins: 1 MUA original Scarlet Spider and 1 reskin: Spider-Carnage
- 2 HQ models: Ben Reilly & Joe Wade
- 1 Bonusskin to replace Spider-Man's Scarlet Spider skin... Cosmic Spider-Man!;
- Each skin comes with their own hud, except for Cosmic Spider-Man. Search the forum for a Cosmic Spidey hud or download the Spidey Booster I made.;
- 1 mannequin. Visit my Mannequin Museum at for more Scarlet Spider mannequins!
- Playable with Spider-Man.

Unpack everything in your Marvel - Ultimate Alliance folder and replace any character with Scarlet Spider. His herostat is included in the rar.


All my files will be scanned with Norton 360 from now on. If there are any files of mine which contain any EXE programs IN THE RAR, then delete the EXE file. It might be a VIRUS or TROJAN or MALLWARE. This does not apply to NEW FILES (just older files, which are posted in any of my topics).

Changelog 1.72:
- Fixed shadowshot;
- Fixed Costume Passives by making the identifier shorter, thanks to Sidewinder for the feedback
- Replaced the default MUA reskins Ben Reilly and Joe Wade with HQ models. Ben Reilly looks like he should now.

Drop it either:
- In my workbench topic: ;
- In my release thread: .

Future updates:
New Model: Spider-Carnage
Modified Soundset
Loadingscreen by Shafcrawler (Forgot to include it again *slaps forehead*
New Powers / Boost

umm...why is it removed? (i probally might be the only one asking this couse i dindt read this topic very much XD)

Egoistische russen. Lees meer in de offtopic gedeelte ^^. Ik upload de mods weer zodra het een stuk meer "rip-proof" is.

Gee.. Do we dutchies use English words a lot in our language eh? :P

Translation: Read more in the offtopic section^^.  I'll upload the mods when it's a bit more "rip-proof".

In Soviet russia, I own Them!, could you send me the link or somthing, You know im not russian XD

Updated the links to Green Goblin, Scarlet Spider and Daken. All are now password protected.

EDIT: Sandman too.

Awsome work on scarlet Blaw!

EDIT: You might wanna check Scarlet again. Multiple attacks litterly arent working. (meaning he just uses his 3 combo again)

Wouldn't that be sweet to tell in public. I won't tell it public but through PM's, if one requests it and ain't from RUSSIA.

No intention to discriminate, but ya'll know why I'm doing this.

Hey, the  :greengoblin:... the 6th power, I think the goblin flame... this power... it finish with the power energy and the power energy don ' t recovery again? Or is this just a question of time? Or a bug?

Green Globin and Sandman are amazing!!!

- 1 MUA2 TOGGLE BOOST, Goblin Flame!

That's why reading a post completely before downloading it is necessary.