BLaw's Mods - Joker, Doctor Octopus, Penance, G. Goblin, Sandman and MORE!

Started by BLaw, October 08, 2008, 04:48AM

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say, before i get the gobster, what do you mean when you say the mannequin isn't positioned correctly?

that means that it's offset from the "slot" a little. minor effect unless you like your character select screen perfect.

ah yeah i see now. you kinda shoved him way to the right
he overlaps with like two other characters because of that

Added a mannequin patch for Firestar here: CLICKY. It only includes a new, smoothy mannequin.

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- 4 unique models and huds
- Own iconset
- Own powerset
- Self-healing abilities
- Stealth brawler
- Daken's Bone & Marumasa claws
- Own mannequin (Backrow Character)

Future Update features
- own soundset
- Shaf's loadingscreen
- New model(s)
- Powerset update

Known Bugs
None yet. Feedback welcome.

The mod doesn't feel *right* to me, but I hope it's enjoyable to everyone else. He's the Wolverine without a rage meter, which means you take full control over his powers. Hack & slash away everyone!


Man, you're just awesome! Nothing else, Pure Awesomeness!

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:sandman: SANDMAN :sandman:

:sandman: Four unique skins: Classic, Modern, Wild Pack and Ultimate! (all with sausages if I might add!)
:sandman: Three unique attack powers: Fist Impact (as of version 1.1), Earthquake and the all-time favorite Mole Game!
:sandman: The infamous Sandform boost, useable with all other boosts!
:sandman: One unique boost called Dust Dome and the ability to spawn a Sand Minion!
:sandman: The most unique and oh-so deadly X-Treme: FUNERAL!!!
:sandman: Unique iconset!
:sandman: Unique sounds!
:sandman: Unique bolton models and effects!
:sandman: Unique huds and a unique mannequin!
:sandman: Something something unique!

How To Install
1. Get WINRAR if you haven't done so, at (free unexpirable trial)
2. Download the VANILLA mod and put that file in your MUA Installation folder (drive:/program files/activision/marvel ultimate alliance e.g.)
3. Rightclick on the file and choose EXTRACT HERE, make sure you make backups of the files which are being asked for an overwrite. If you have done so, just overwrite everything needed (I think no overwrite is needed^^)

For patches:
1. Download the patch and put that file in your MUA installation folder.
2. Rightclick on the file and choose EXTRACT HERE. If asked for overwrite, choose Yes to All.

Version 1.1
:sandman: Seperated some skinsegments and turned them into boltons;
:sandman: Replaced Grand Sand Slam with Fist Impact;
:sandman: Replaced 220_sandman with 08_iceman's animations;
:sandman: Replaced 220_sandman_4_combat with MUA2's Mr. Fantastic's animations;
:sandman: Rewrote several animation entries in the 4_combat and fightstyle_sandman files;
:sandman: Fixed costume passives bug in the second, third and fourth costumes;
:sandman: Fixed several talent descriptions, for example the (TAP) instruction in non-tap powers;
:sandman: Corrected the knockback in Grand Sand Slam (now Fist Impact) to use that of the talentfile;
:sandman: Added hide-codes in the idle animation for the skinsegments in case they stay on when being tripped or knocked back.


Known bugs

Burning Rage & Nodoubt_jr - help^^
tymaca321 & deedooo - bug reports^^
Everybody else I forgot: thanks^^

As always, I am in awe of your skill Mr.  Law.  Thank you!

nice work mr. law. Sandman cool.
Marvel Skins Here

DC Skins And Others Here

I readed the progress XD. orignally i was going for an x-man roster but heck. This one is in XD

Edit: Blaw, the dust animation doesnt show up for me? (bug?
Also from the mole game attack some sand always seems to lay on the floor (after the attack) it does dissepair though :p)
(another bug?
and last = the mole game attack. I played through the first level i noticed that the sand fist of mole game stays under the floor? its probally somthing you didnt expect since you can close to never see trough the floor but...

edit: oh ik ben toch zo goed :D

Known. I may have left dust dome efffect out of THE pack I Will check it in 30 minutes

Checked. I'll reupload the pack. Dustdome was indeed missing. Thanks for the heads up medenederlander^^

The whole mole game issues are normal. It's because I didn't pull the sand and the fist all the way down in 3ds max.

EDIT: Reuploaded the mod with Dustdome in it.

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Green Goblin - The Wii/PS2-MUA2 Conversion 1.2

You know who it is... It's Green ****ches! :P

No screenshots now. Check my mod workbench why.

- 1 MUA2 converted Wii model - Modern Green Goblin
- 3 Unique reskinned and remodeled models - Classic Green Goblin, Classic Hobgoblin and Classic Jack O'Lantern! Including the flaming head effect!
- Unique weapon models, like the iconic Goblin PUMPKIN BOMBS and a glider for both Green Goblin models, Hobgoblin's glider and Jack O'Lantern's "glider" aka DISC! FLY AWAY!
- 1 unique boost added to his arsenal called Hallucination, including a Hallucination model!
- 4 Attack powers, MUA2 attack powers!
- 1 MUA2 TOGGLE BOOST, Goblin Flame!
- 2 MUA2 passives converted to costume passives for Classic Goblin & Hobgoblin
- MUA2 iconset plus an unique icon for the Hallucination boost!
- MUA2 sounds assigned to several of the powers, including the voices!

Make sure you pick up X_Voice when it's released. It'll include Green Goblin's callout and menu sounds!

Installation Instructions

Unpack in your Marvel - Ultimate Alliance folder. Use the herostat provided in the rar to add Goblin to the roster. Oh and make sure you have the latest Official Characters Pack installed first.

The file should be Virus Free. If you're unsure about it, download it, scan it with your own anti-virus programs. Note: IGB files are harmless. My anti-virus (norton 360) specified it as a unsafe, but that may be due to not having the Alchemy Artistpack installed on my OS.


Future Update's Features and Known Bugs
- Fixed X-Treme (He doesn't juggle with his pumpkin bombs);

Version 1.2:
- Fixed a typo in the herostat code;
- Added a new power: HEP Bomb (High Explosive Pumpkin Bomb);
- Changed the animation for the hallucination power;
- Removed the Surfer's board effects from the Heavy attack;

- Version 1.1
Applied BGR DXT1 textures instead of BMP's. Changes filesize and usage of memory.
Applied internal numbers to each model in the pack, from 01 to 04 and the hallucination model (09).
Lowered resolution for the hand textures.
Removed unnecessary skinsegments.


Everyone who helped me. Too tired to name everyone now, people who realize: hey, I helped him! are thanked now. Thanks.
Also, YOU, for downloading the mod if you do. I hope you enjoy it.

Feedback is always welcome.

No complete melee moves. It's something MUA2 has, and Goblin's animations doesn't have the animations for it.
Sounds need to be added. I rushed to upload the mod because of my pc problems.

looks good, hopefully i can try it out later today :)
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