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Author Topic: why the h-ll stick not.......  (Read 1174 times)

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why the h-ll stick not.......
« on: October 17, 2008, 11:13am »
talk about video games tht u want to see het are not made or being made.

anyway i want:
A Marvel/DC crossover (:justice league ulimate aligned heroes?)
it sould use the mua/xml format but i know dc wouldnt allow that so i can only fantases.....
anyhooo heroes i would want (15 per company):
marvel heroes:
 :spiderman:  :wolverine:  :capamer:  :hulk_icon:   :shehulk:  :storm: :ifist:  :stark:  :humant:  :iwoman:   :nightcrawler: :thing:    :fantastic:   :thor:     :silvers:

superman batman Wonder woman Flash GL GA  orion black lighting atom shazam firestorm booster gold dr. fate and j'onn j'onnz

also someideals for dc powers (as i said before my ideal game will use something similiar to a mua/xml engine tho of course dc wouldnt let it. but we can dream.)

chain punch
heat vision
freeze breath
ground pound

batarang throw
roundhouse kick
split kick

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