MUA: Original Xbox SE mod - (new download link)

Started by Teancum, March 19, 2007, 08:07PM

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-All characters work, but the new ones don't have sim missions, so you'll have to put in the all characters and all skins cheats.
-Press up on Storm/Wolverine/Iceman/Hulk to get to Elektra (Gambit is now in her old slot).  Press down on any of those characters to get War Machine.


Too bad I don't have an original Xbox.

Update...We installed V2 this morning...AWESOME!!!  He's been playing with Hulk, War Machine, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, Iron Man, and Captain America all morning.  He was so excited when I showed (and read) your post.

Thanks man...we appreciate it...this is great!

JNet (and Son)  :hulk_icon:

No problem!  Enjoy.  Someday I'll finish the update that has the comic missions, but for now just have fun!

Belated thanks Teancum, et al. Btw Happy New Year

I finally got some footage of the mod (got a video capture unit).

Keep in mind this is the Dec 24th release, so there are still things that are unfinished/bugs that still exist.

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So I'm taking a "I'm putting in whatever characters I want" approach for the future.  Since there's such a small percentage of folks who actually know about & can use the mod I don't think I'll be making any enemies.

So, that being said I'm making some changes for future versions of the mod:

  • Spider-Man's "Sybmiote" outfit will be replaced with Spider-Man Unlimited.  The symbiote suit will now be a boost of some sort
  • Punisher is gonna be in, but I'm not sure who I want him to replace.  Probably Silver Surfer.  As cool as the Surfer is there still aren't 4 unique skins for him, and frankly he's a little broken in that he's overpowered compared to other characters.
  • Dazzler will likely replace Spider-Woman, just because I can't stand Spider-Woman, but would like another female to take her place.  Truthfully I'd prefer Black Cat so it's not another mutant, but the XML2 mod only has one skin for her.  Maybe I should look into doing some skins for BC.

No arguments here Teancum don't think too much of either sex of spider characters. Would welcome Dazzler, Psylocke, White Queen even NightCrawler.

It's been a really long time since I've updated this.  I'm just throwing around ideas in my head, and so the following my seem disjointed.  It's so I can have this list when I get home tonight.

  • Spider-Man's "Sybmiote" outfit will be replaced with Spider-Man Unlimited.  The symbiote suit will now be a boost -- maybe with different symbiotes per skin (such as Spider-Carnage for Scarlet Spider)
  • Pending BLaw's permission, the Human Torch and Iceman boosters are going in, with Iceman getting all-human skins to start with.  I'll make slight modifications so that at level 1 you already have the Ice/Fire form boost.
  • Iammingy's boosts are also going in.  I meant to do so eons ago, and he's already given me permission
  • I'm going to try hex editing 27 slots into the stage IGB.  Probably impossible, but if it is possible then adding the stand for the characters in the back to stand on would be easy since it's already possible.
  • I'm looking into memory hacking software to see if I can find the memory address of the max character number in MUA PC.  If I can (and if I can break it) then it shouldn't be hard to find on MUA Xbox.  I doubt I can, but hey, it doesn't hurt to try.
  • Hulk will be modified to work like Iammingy intended instead of being a Colossus reskin (though he works well like that).  I ran out of time to get the mod out before last Christmas.
  • War Machine's alt costumes will be fixed.

Teancum I downloaded the Xbox mod and I couldnt find the instructions it says are included in the post.
Would you be able to send me a link to download the instructions if possible ?

Doh, I did forget them, didn't I.  Is your Xbox already modded, and do you have FTP access (I.E. is it hooked up to your network)?  If so then I can walk you through it.

October 16, 2009, 03:57PM #297 Last Edit: October 16, 2009, 04:00PM by Venom
Yes to both. :D I know how to FTP to my xbox already.
Am I able to FTP the game to my pc, add the files, then just burn to a disc ?

K -- then installation is simple.

1-Rip the game to your Xbox hard drive (I usually keep my games in F:\Games).  You can use a program called DVD2Xbox to rip the disc to the hard drive directly in your Xbox, or you can extract an ISO and transfer the game to the hard drive.

2-Once the game is somewhere on your hard drive, extract the contents of the mod to a temporary folder.

3-FTP the contents of the mod directly to wherever MUA is installed on your Xbox hard drive.  So if MUA is in F:\Games\Marvel Ultimate Alliance, transfer it there.  Default.xbe should replace the original default.xbe, then then the folders fall into place after that.

Hopefully that's clear.

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Yeap its clear.
You might've not read my question due to me editing my post but am I able to FTP the game to my pc, add the files, then just burn to a disc ? I only have the original Hard drive which doesnt give me enough room to put MUA on.
Edit: The question kinda doesnt make sense but I have previously FTP'ed MUA to my PC and since then I have filled the Xbox hard drive.