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Started by Jedted, March 20, 2007, 07:16PM

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I'm reminded of the custom scenario builder in SWGB, it gave you tools to build your own maps and even custom campaigns complete with triggers and such.  I was thinking why they don't have something like that with MUA.  The main game and the comic missions are fun but why not give the players a way to write their own missions and upload em for others to play.

Well, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds is more of a strategy game than an action-RPG, which is what MUA would be. Galactic Battlegrounds also has their own eight other campaigns. MUA only has their Story Mode.

There should also be a character creator. That would be cool you could choose all 4 of your favorite powers and favorite costume maybe even make your own character from scratch.

There's probably be a way to create a simulator mission and/or a character creation tool, but it'd unlikely be in-game as that'd involve looking at the exe's source which is more or less impossible.

-Not looked into modifying simulator missions but surely they'd hold information on stuff like bad guys, objectives, level etc, so basically store all of these within a data base and create a program that writes to a text/xml file in the appropriate format (doable in C++/c# but probably time consuming) then just use nba2kstuff's compiller to compile the mission file (or something along those lines...)

For character creation it would be a lot trickier as a totaly custom character would be night on impossible but creating a character combined from other areas wouldn't be as tough

Basically, repeat the above but to create separate powersets/talent files along with a hero stat definition and then compile these. Again, programming would be a basic writing program from a database