many psp questions that may benefit others

Started by marvelfan12345, November 16, 2008, 04:27PM

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ok just a few questions
1. so was the glitch with ms marvel and moon knight ever fixed
2. if so where would i find the update
3. do you need a modded psp to download moon knight and colossus
4. did anybody ever make the gambit mod
5. if there is a update for  :colossus: :moonk: mod, does it have their simulator missions
6. do  :hawkeye: :blackwidow: :ronin: :genis: have simulator missions in the game (dont have game yet)

please and thank-you

:colossus: :moonk:
:blackwidow: :ronin: :genis: :hawkeye:

1-An update was being worked on by Noelemahc, but he is no longer active on the forums.

4-The Gambit mod was stopped because no animations would work on PSP MUA

6-Yes,  :blackwidow: :ronin: :genis: :hawkeye: all have sim missions.

So he can't release Moon Knight 4th Skin.

I don't know.  You'll need to email Noelemahc.

ok thanks, so basically ms. marvel wont work with this mod. also do you need a modded psp??? finally what is noelemahc's email adress????