Omega Sentinel Mod

Started by мaгvel wатcheг, December 15, 2008, 04:52PM

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And it's Malicious. My names are too standardized English. The flame thing sounds nice.

Hoping these are of use. I'm taking a page out out some of the other poster's books by incorporating Hindi mythology.

Garuda's Descent: Karima flies up into the air and then lands heavily, sending a shockwaves that knocks enemies back (taken from the XML1 Prime Sentinel attack)

Uplink: Karima hacks into the programs of robotic enemies and uses them as extensions of her will. Only affects mechanical foes.

Shakti's Strength: Karima's energy damage increases.

Vayu's Blessing: Karima increases the power of her motion patterns and increases her speed for a certain amount of time.

Indra's Storm: Karima unleashes a devastating blast of electricity that damages foes and temporarily stuns them.

That's all I have for now. Hope it helps.

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Yes I liked, Garuda's descent looks a good option :) thank you, oh and just to everyone know,if it metter for the powerset ideas, I'm using sunfire skeleton.

Please do post the final powerset here; I am interested to see your final results. :)

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ok, a preview not necessarily the final powerset ;)

Cybernetic Shove: Increased melee attack with $KB,with additional electric $DMG. ;
Agni Blast
Electrostatic Chaos or Indra's Storm
Heavy Weapons: Rocket is fired and home in on targets.Tap key for additional rockets( I changed a little your idea).
Alpha Sub-zero
Double Plasma
Garuda's descent: I would like to do but is difficult since I don't know a way to put the character flying or jumping in a high level on an attack so it will be strange.

the boosts will be probably Malicious Rog, Machinehead(that I will be probably renaming for Artificial Intelligence), vaporizing-barrier , neuro-poison and vayu's blessing.(I don't know if I will put all this boosts depends if garuda's descent will be in or out of the list)

is it for now :)

I suggest you use Jean Grey's Dark Phoenix Attack for Garuda's Descent. It should work with some minor effect alterations.

How about Phoenix Force? Recolored?

COuld work, but to me, it wouldn't look at all the way I'd imagine Karima to be. Karima should have power names hinting at her origins, but playwise she should be strictly non-mystical and more "I'm-gonna'shoot-you-down" sci-fi, to me. The Phoenix Force effect looks too mystical in my opinion.

Any other attacks that have the character jump into the air and then land?

Yes I agree with shafcrawler, it will be a little strange but I'm thinking on about the bird that Hawkeye land on the air on his special hawk's aura, What do you think?

I have never seen it. Any pictures?

sorry,I think I have to have permition of nodoubt_jr that have made the mod to post the picture.

feel free to post pictures of Hawkeyes bird effect, the effect and texture come from the mua dlc/psp stuff, i just converted the bird texture.
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You mean Hawk's Revenge?

How about MUA Iron Man's airstrike? Or Torch's (probably too mystical)?

Sunfire's Super Nova?