List of cel-shades that can be hidden

Started by Teancum, July 23, 2008, 10:42AM

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July 23, 2008, 10:42AM Last Edit: July 15, 2019, 10:39AM by Teancum
If you're running MUA on PS2 or Xbox, or XML2 on PS2, PC or Xbox it might be useful to know what character models can have their outlines hidden to look like MUA's does.  I'll try to keep the list fairly organized, and would appreciate any help ya'll can give.

To try hiding a skin:
      Multipart {
      health = 0 ;
      hideskin = XXXX_outline ;

Where XXXX is the number of the character

Cel-shades that CAN be hidden
Ultimate Gambit (XML2)
Xtreme *Raven Software* Gambit (XML2)
AoA Gambit
Archangel (XML2)
Guardian (XML2)
AoA Nightcrawler (XML2) -Sword outline cannot be hidden
Xtreme *Raven Software* Nightcrawler (XML2)
Ultimate Angel (XML2)
Ultimate Beast (XML2)
Classic Bishop (XML2)
AoA Bishop (XML2)
Ultimate Colossus
Classic Colossus
Xtreme *Raven Software* Colossus
Classic Psylocke (XML2 Custom)
Force Works Scarlet Witch (XML2)
Ultimate Rogue (XML2)
Classic Juggernaut (XML2)
Ultimate *human* Iceman (XML2)
Ultimate Cyclops (XML1) -XML2 cannot be hidden
60s Cyclops
70s Cyclops
Street Gear Cyclops
Helmetless Juggernaut (XML2)
Ultimate Prof X (XML2)
Heroes Return Iron Man (XML2)
Jean Grey Phoenix (XML2)
Banshee (XML2)
Morlock Bruiser (XML2) -Also used for the Hulk skins
Classic Nightcrawler (XML2)
New Avengers Iron Man
Heroes Return Iron Man
Ultimate *long hair* Jean Grey
Dark Phoenix Jean Grey
Phoenix Jean Grey
60s Jean Grey
Ultimate *spiky hair* Storm
Astonishing Storm
AoA Storm
Xtreme *Raven Software* Storm
Astonishing Wolverine
Modern Sunfire
Nightcrawler (all but Astonishing)
AoA *spiky* Iceman
60s Iceman

Cel-shades that CANNOT be hidden
Quicksilver (XML2)
Astonishing Cyclops (XML2)
Ultimate Cyclops (XML2)
AoA Cyclops (XML2)
Ultimate Bishop
Classic *poofy hair* Gambit (XML2)
All of Magneto's skins (XML1/XML2)
All of Sabretooth's skins (XML1/XML2)
All of Toad's skins
AoA Sunfire
Classic Sunfire
AoA Colossus
Astonishing Colossus
All of Deadpool's skins
War Machine Iron Man
AoA Jean Grey
Trenchcoat Rogue
AoA Rogue
Classic Scarlet Witch
Gypsy Scarlet Witch
70s Storm
Ultimate Wolverine
AoA Wolverine
70s Wolverine
Xtreme *Raven Software* Wolverine
Astonishing Nightcrawler
Classic Iceman
Jacketed Prof X