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Started by ThePhoenix, March 03, 2009, 09:42AM

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Thanks, for the comments everyone
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Love Absinthe! All she needs for me at least is maybe a couple more skins and a character selection portrait. I'm currently using Selene's icon for the danger room for Absinthe. I had Goblin Queen, Dark Phoenix, and Absinthe in a team together and it was so cool and funny to hear them all say ok in the same tone when I switched characters. Good choice for a voice. Any chance for another fabulous mod from you?

I tried your Surge (MUA version), Jean Grey Booster (XML2) and Absinthe (XML2). They are totally awesome! I love your mods...

A few things that I noticed:
> uses Jean's character selection picture
> her extreme always creates 3 clones even at level 1
-Jean Grey
> her Telekinetic Net (if I remember correctly) is supposed to reveal hidden enemies, right? But I think it doesn't work. All invisible enemies stay invisible and still hit me out of nowhere.
> her Telekinetic Net always says 0% chance to dodge, is that because of the low percentage or maybe you named something wrong.

How do I fix these things? Sorry for criticizing too much.
Just thought they would be even better if you could fix them. Thanks

That's weird. I also use Absinthe and she doesn't use Jean's pic. She doesn't even have a pic.

Oh sorry, I meant during character selection in skirmish. Where all characters use one line only, not the large character selection image in the team management. In the team management she doesn't have a picture.

I believe you mean the main menu danger room. If so then download the danger room icon update. There is no icon that was made for Absinthe yet but I use the Black Queen's/Selene's icon for Absinthe cause Absinthe already has one skin that looks like Selene. Just go to the herostat and find the texture icon part in Absinthe's entry and change the number to 91.

I haven't tried out Black Queen yet *goes off to download her*
Thanks, I didn't know that where you change it.

Finally got around to downloading the Siryn mod. xD
Glad to see that my skins went to good use! :)

When I installed it, though, her "Effects" folder was misnamed as "Effetcs", and she didn't have any effects. You might want to change that if you plan on having any future releases.
Layla Miller is love.

Telektron MOD

Telektron is a custom character who is an x-man. He once was a marauder for short time.
Some of the power sounds might be messy and I couldn't make his voice to work.. Unfortunately.

Telekinesis: Gives Telektron the ability to lift and throw objects and enemies. Can build bridges.\n(~41Press And Hold~~)
Thunder Bolt: Casts lightning bolt down on enemy.
Kinetic Wipe: A radial attack inflicting pain on enemies and knocking them back
Thundery Shower: Makes a storm cloud above victim.
Electric Hold: Telektron telekinetically lifts his enemies and shoots them with lightnings
Telekinetic Tornado: Creates a powerful vortex lifting and throwing objects and enemies about.
Thunder Storm: Radial lightning attack.  Does extra damage against slowed enemies.
Telekinetic Chaos: Pulls in surrounding enemies and objects, damaging them on contact\n(~41Press And Hold~~)

KINETIC TEMPEST: Telektron lifts enemies to the air and strikes them with lightnings XTREME
TELEKTRONIC AURA: Makes all party members invulnerable for a time, and increases max $EP XTREME

Telekinetic Shield: Chance to block all incoming attacks BOOST
Electric Aura: Surrounds him with Electricity adding $DMG_ELECTRICITY to melee attacks and hurts nearby victims. BOOST

Telekinetic Net: Gives Telektron a chance to dodge projectile attacks. Adds additional $DMG_ELECTRICITY to melee attacks. PASSIVE
Thunder Mastery: Increases damage and chance for criticals with $DMG_ELECTRICITY and telekinetic damage PASSIVE


Defencive Xtreme:

-Shafcrawler for the name
-Lord Magneto for the effect of Electric Hold
-marvel watcher for help
-and anyone who I might have forgotten
Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack on that motherf*cker's reflection
My Mods for XML2:

I really wish I can try him out right now. Guess I just have to wait for a few more weeks.

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Siryn Mod v2.0
Minor update with an amazing skin by noxnyc:

Notes: This is a major update for her. I think she is much funnier to play as now. Some things didn't go as hoped for example her flight effect didn't want to go as I wanted it to go so she has just normal hand effects while flying. I recoloured all her effects somehow, most of them are green/white. I think they look cool. Also Sonic Shcokwaves's effect didn't go well at all, so I made a new power for her. It's almost like Sonic Shockwaves woul have been but it's just radial. About Siren's Song I just thought that as it was a SONG there should appear some notes in effect, so I made a new texture for it and now there comes green notes when she uses the power instead of hearts. Hearts do appear in the impact effect though. I also made her on more skin which isn't too good, it's the best I could do which tells quite lot how bad I am in skinning...

Sonic Lance: By focusing her sonic vibrations while screaming into an intense beam. This is used as a sort of "battering ram" that can stun or even destroy most solid objects.
Sonic Blast: A powerful scream blast.
Panic Attack: A radial blast of sonic waves that confuses enemies and makes them flee.
Sonic Shockwaves: Siryn screams to her surroundings, inflicting damage and knockback. \n(~41Press And Hold~~)
Strong Blow: Widespread attack that damages enemies nearby.
Siren's Song: Ability to influence victim with a certain pitch of her voice, causing them to fall in love with her and fight with her
Vocal Disorentation: Ability to change victim's balance, by affecting their equilibrium using her sonic scream.

SEDUCTIVE SHRIEK: Screams seductively, relaesing a $DMG_WIND wave that will have a chance to convert enemies.
Banshee's Aid: Siryn calls her father, Banshee, to fight alongside the party for a time.

Irritatoin: Causes all nearby enemies to attack Siryn for the duration of boost. Reduces damage taken, and reflects all projectiles back at attackers.
Sonic Shield: Chance to block all incoming attacks

Sonar: can use her sonic powers as a form of sonar. By sending out a precise, pure note and listening to the returning, altered wavefront of the note, she can evaluate her surroundings in total darkness with varying degrees of resolution. Thus reveals hidden enemies.
Voice Mastery: Increases damage and chance for criticals with sonic powers.
Sonic Combat: Adds additional sonic damage to melee attacks.

(Press pictures to see them larger)

Xtreme Boost:
(I just missed the effect d'oh)


-Norrin Radd for some powers
-souledge1313 for 15501, 15502 and 15503. I just converted them to PS2 format
-noxnyc for 15505
-matt710 for 3D hud
-Dihan for "nit-picking" Sonic Lance

Please, report any bugs you may find. I didn't find any while I tested her, but that doesn't mean anything. Also if you find a typo, wrong spelled name, descriptions, mistakes on grammar anything like that. Please report about it.
Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack on that motherf*cker's reflection
My Mods for XML2: