Marvel Watcher's Mods - Boom Boom, Banshee, Guardian, Monet (NEW)

Started by мaгvel wатcheг, March 14, 2009, 03:57PM

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All my mods:

Omega Sentinel :
Lady Mastermind:
Bill Drain:
Banshee :


Callisto Mod v.1

Back up anything that you might not want to lose, I'm not responsible for any thing
that is lost in the installation of the mod.

* I think she is really fun to play with,I used mua deadpools skeleton, but she has some animations that is unique since it is not used for deadpool.
  This one is the first time that I have made icons, so it are not the best icons  :P
  The only think that is missing is the 3d hud of the eye patch skin, she is currently using the same hud of her movie version skin .

Trowing Knives: Callisto jumps into the air and throws knives at her opponents.
Knife Strike: Knife attack that causes $DMG_BLEED.
Leap of Death: Jumps into the air then stab an enemy with her knives.
Falling Daggers: Throws several daggers into the air. They then crash down, slicing into enemies and surrounding objects.
Sai Throw: Throws sai at enemies.
Tentacles Cyclone: Spin around with her tentacles causing $KB.
BRUTAL ASSAULT: Goes enemy to enemy killing all them with her daggers.

Enhanced Speed: Boosts her movement speed.
Natural Leader: Uses her leadership abilities to boost the effectiveness of entire team.
MORLOCKS QUEEN Callisto, as the leader of the Morlocks, calls them to aid her in battle.

Regeneration: Heals over time.
Unhuman Senses: Augments her senses allowing a natural increase in $AR and $DR -- > I changed this one for 'superhuman senses'
Leadership: Increases combo xp bonus and chances for criticals.

Credits and thanks:
19901 and 19902(and its hud) by shafcrawler
Hud_head, menu portrait,blackpantherdagger and elektra sai boltons,skeleton and 'Sai Throw' attack by nodoubt_jr
longshot_blade bolton and 'Falling Daggers'attack by Norrin Radd
-phoenix- to converted my icons for igb.

Enjoy :)

This mod looks really good. I hate the 21 character limit.

Yeah, it's great! You are quite good in making mods.

Really cool, will download for my next playthrough
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My Mods for XML2:

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Shaman Mod V.1

Staff Slam - Does an increased melee attack with The Gret Key that stuns the enemies.
Teleport -  Uses his sorcery ablities to teleport to hard to reach locations or escape from combat. Increases to allow carrying allies.
Blizzard Spell - Shaman affects weather, causing a blizzard to an enemy damaging other enemies nearby for a time.
Fire Barrier - Spells a column of flame that harms nearby enemies
Hypnosis - Causes nearby enemies to sleep, stunning them.
Death Trap - Causes vines to appear and entangle foes, having a chance to kill them.
MYSTICAL BOLTS - Injures bolts from the sky with a strong spell.

Reverie - Requests the help of spirits present in the area to assist him and damage the enemies around.
Natural Medicine - Using herbs, gives party regenerative healing for a time.
TALISMAN'S BEARERS - Shaman mentally links with his daughter calling her and illusions copies of her to aid in battle.

Empathy - He detects the presence of evil before it attacks, increasing the chance to dodge the attacks.
Mutant Master

Download Loadscreen Here:

Back up anything that you might not want to lose.

Credits and thanks:
skeleton ,sounds, some effects and a lot of help by nodoubt_jr
shafcrawler for the loadscreen

Enjoy :)

looks sweet! Will definitely try it out!

thanks ;) , and just for you know guys I'm working on my new morlocks now ,actually I have finished one of them ( Gauntlet) , I'll be posting pictures soon at my discussion thread .

Finally The New Morlocks:


This is the most mysterious character of the group. She is from Hawaii , age 17, and nobody knows her real name. when a tsunami was headed towards her island, it mysteriously calmed down. Nobody knew, but Aqua caused that. This strange event set the A.M.D (Anti Mutants Division) on her tail, and she was captured. She was tortured practically to death, and her memory was permanently damaged when the new morlocks found her held alive by her healing powers. The strange marks on her body and her skin color are still a mystery. The team doesn't know if they were a side effect of her time with the A.M.D. or just part of her mutation.

Powers: Can manipulate and create water to many forms like ice spikes or blasts of scalding water. she also has healing abilities.


John Owen is from New Jersey, New York. One day when playing basket with his friends, a group of guys came and started to bother them. One of the offenders shoved John and he accidentally hit the guy with a ring of fire. Thinking he had committed murder, he ran away. Scared and confused, he traveled around until he found top heat being attacked by the A.M.D. He saved her and they traveled together until they joined the new morlocks. The two seem like they're in love, but it's the other teammates can't prove it.

Powers: Can create fire in the form of rings. He has metal forearms, which grant him super strength.

Bill Drain

William Hudgo is the oldest member of the team (26) and its leader. Bill was a troubled child, and he led a life of thievery until he was discovered as a mutant and was taken into a government program. there he learned martial arts and how to control his powers better. He eventually left the program and joined the x-men. He made some friends, especially Lupine, but William's powers went out of control and he destroyed the danger room in a sudden release of energy. He decided to leave the team even though Beast made special bracelets and battery pins to help him control his powers. He and Lupine left the X-men and founded the New Morlocks.

Powers: Can drain energy from surroundings and discharge it as electricity blasts. He's not entirely in control of this power, meaning he can store extra energy for a long time before unexpectedly releasing it.


Derick Wofam (20 years old) worked at a circus before joining the x-men. More recently he founded the new morlocks with Bill Drain.

Powers: to take the appearance of various canines (dogs, foxes, wolves, etc.) giving him claws and enhances speed and strength. He also has low level telepathy and can hypnotize people by staring enemies in the eyes.


Demetria Fall (16 years old) is from a rich family in Australia. She has always been rich, but she never let the money get to her head.. Her mother when she was young so she was educated by her father. She discovered her mutation when she was 13, but never talked about it to anybody. As she grew older her father didn't pay very much attention to her, just his work, so she became quite a rebel. One day she discovered that her father's company supported the A.M.D. in her rage she melted most of the building. Secret cameras caught everything, and her dad denounced her as his daughter and wants to kill her for what she did. She ran away from Australia with all the money she could, transferring much of it to a secret bank account. In America she was attacked by the A.M.D. who were still hunting her, but was rescued by Gauntlet (who she has a crush on). They were recruited for the New Morlocks by Bill Drain and later she becomes a shield agent.

Powers: can create masses of hot air. this can be used to melt things, make people sick, or be fired in blasts.Flight.

And if you want to download all the team together: for more previews of Aqua and Gauntlet.

Back up anything that you might not want to lose, I'm not responsible for anything
that is lost in the installation of the mod.

Credits and thanks:
Some skeletons, icons and sounds taken from Mua and Xml1 conversions by nodoubt_jr
The code of the Concussive Wave attack taken from Polaris mod ,by matt710
Two Lupine's skins based on one Beast skin without ponytail , by shafcrawler
Revised the english of the storie from the characters, deedooo

Guys is easy to forget something with all these mods, so please report me if you find any bugs.

Enjoy! :)

OH MY GOODNESS! im trying this out later :D:D
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