BLaw's Mannequin Museum - (65). Reupped a lot, added MUA2 Hulk

Started by BLaw, April 03, 2009, 01:59AM

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Welcome to my Museum!

No need to pay an entrance free for my museum! Just take a look around and get what you like! I have everything unlimited in stock! If you have any requests, go HERE, otherwise leave my museum.

Mannequins go in the MUA/ui/models/mannequin folder. Rename the mannequin of your choice to the number of the character, but do not forget to make a backup of the original mannequin.

Just a note: You may touch the pictures of the mannequins, but not the mannequin!
Also DO NOT put these mannequins anywhere else!

Without further ado, let us start the tour:

0101 - Blade:
Classic, Nightstalker, Daywalker

0301 - Wolverine
Original, Astonishing, X-Force, TAS, Custom, Daken

0901 - Spider-Man:
Classic (Custom), Symbiote, Cosmic, Battle Damaged, Reverse, Negative, X-Men

1501 - Ironman

2301 - Corsair

2401 - Lilandra
Modern (?)

2501 - Lady Mastermind
Classic (?)

6501 - M.O.D.O.K.

7101 - Grey Gargoyle

7801 - Colossus

8601 - X23:

10601 (XML2) - Lady Deathstrike

15701 - Luke Cage:

16101 - Ultimate Green Goblin:
Savage, Evolved, Hobgoblin - (Frontrow Character)

17201 - Cyclops:
Astonishing, Ultimate, Original, Classic, Zombie, AOA, Modern, X-Factor (Yellow & White), New X-Men, 90s (with Jacket)- (Frontrow character)

17701 - Sabretooth:
Classic, Movie - (Frontrow Character)

19001 - Beast:
Classic - (Backrow Character)

20601 - Bishop:
Ultimate - (Frontrow Character)

21001 - Cable (model + PSP textures by Dark_Mark):
Classic, Black, PSP, Ultimate, Repowered (?)

22401 - Firestar:
Classic, Original, Modern, Ultimate

22501 - Scarlet Spider:
Classic, Ben Reilly, Spider-Carnage, Spider-Carnage (TAS), Ben Reilly (Damaged)

23201 - Elixir:
New X-Men (GOLD), New Mutants (Gold & Black) (by shafcrawler)

That's it folks! I hope you liked the tour. Come back more often to my museum to see what's new, because even more new mannequins will be added!

For the download mirrors, visit this page HERE *Thanks to xlehnsherr*

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1501 - Ironman:
Modern, Warmachine - (Backrow Character)

3001 - Psylocke:
Classic - (Frontrow Character)

16101 - Green Goblin:
Jack O'Lantern - (Backrow Character)

17001 - Hulk:
Classic, MUA2

17601 - Venom:
McGargan, Brock (Custom Poses) - (Frontrow Character)

21201 - Gambit:
Modern (Custom Pose) - (Frontrow Character)

XXXXX - Hercules:
Classic (Custom Pose) - (Frontrow Character)

XXXXX - Penance:
Classic (Original Pose) - (Frontrow character)

XXXXX - She-Hulk:
Modern? (Custom Pose) - (Frontrow character)

XXXXX - Electro:
Classic (Backrow character)

Credits to:
Creators of MUA2 and MUA1
Neolemahc for grabbing the Wii textures
Dark_Mark, thetommyboy2002 for the mesh tut
Anyone else I forgot
You for downloading any of the mannequins.

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XXXXX - Falcon

Hey Blaw does this Scarlet Spider manny replace the one from your previous release?
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You CAN replace it, but no it won't. I couldn't get the scarlet spider texture to align perfectly on the model, otherwise it would be uploaded already.

A new shipment has arrived with 1 new mannequin. It was so heavy that only that mannequin could be shipped. I'm talking about Grey Gargoyle!

When will the MODOK shipment arrive?    ;D  :rofl:

New shipment has arrived! 3 more Blade mannequins and the original Scarlet Spider mannequin!

Yes, it will replace the current mannequin in my mod!

New shipment! Corsair, Lilandra, M.O.D.O.K. and Lady Deathstrike are new in the museum!

NOTE: M.O.D.O.K. is an animated mannequin.

I put the ben reilly mannequin as spider-man's, since it's already the skin I always use. it's so much better than the classic spidey one.
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I know its like the 100th time you hear/read that, but your mannequins are amazing. Especially thanks for the Grey Gargoyle one.
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No time for modding at the moment, sorry.

No problem at all Larcetin. I didn't give him Piotr's menu idle, but his pose. Makes Grey look tougher :P

And thanks for the comments so far. More mannequins will arrive either today or tomorrow!