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Started by BLaw, May 24, 2009, 07:03AM

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May 30, 2009, 11:42PM #15 Last Edit: May 31, 2009, 07:45AM by Shauny7488
The following is a Paid Presentation, brought to you by B.L.A.W. Inc...

Do you browse the Mod Catalogue, wishing you knew how to add them?


Have you tried to edit the herostat, time and time again, only to end in failure?


Well worry no longer!
B.L.A.W. Inc. is proud to present, the E-Zstat 4000!
The E-Zstat 4000 removes the confusion about installing mods, just drag the files in, and play!  :orly: Yes! It's that easy!
But which mods are included you ask? Every Stage 3 mod has been added and tested for your entertainment!  :highfive:
Including such popular characters as:
Mysterio  :mysterio:
Surge  :surge:
Gambit  :gambit:
Captain Britain  :capbrit:
And many more!*
* may or may not include many more

Think thats great value?
But wait, theres more!
With every new mod that comes out, you'll recieve an updated version of the E-Zstat 4000, absolutely free!  :rockon:
That's right! An updated version, absolutely free! That's INSANE value!

Loading the E-Zstat 4000 is easy.
Simply unpack the files and drop into your heroselect folder, inside your MUA directory, and you're good to go!  :runaway:

So what are you waiting for!?
Take advantage of this incredible offer now!
Just go to http://www.mediafire.com/?jajjmzzw2mg to recieve your copy of the E-Zstat 4000! Brought to you by B.L.A.W. Inc.!

B.L.A.W. Inc. making modding easy.  :thumbsup:

not suitable for children under 3, may contain small parts, may contain moving parts, do not ingest, may offend some people, any likeness to real persons either alive or dead is purely coincidence, some assembly required, batteries not included

And the rest! Great advertising! :P updated first post with the new link.

October 06, 2009, 03:36AM #19 Last Edit: October 06, 2009, 03:51AM by wickedwillow
yes I know I am dredging up an old post...but I can't find any other info. I thought the files were included and this was easy....what am I doing wrong? When I open the zip all that is inside is a 2kb Herolist HERO File and a 138kb Herostat CFG File. I put them into the heroselect folder....what now? I started the game and had 3 powerless Cyclops' and a Wolverine....as soon as I got to first save point and tried to change team ...the game crashed.

1. Download all mods you want to install
2. Start the HeroSelect program and create your roster
3. Launch a new game.

so I still have to go in and manually install every single character? I am running Vista and can't get XMLB compiler to work. I was looking for a way around that.

Not with every character. If you go to Character Catalog, you can see who are the characters in Stage 3. So, these Characters are already in the file. Just copy and overwrite the files and after that, do what BLaw said in the 2. and 3. point.

I hope you understand what I said.

Indeed, in other words: no need to use the XMLB compiler.

Thanks guys it made sense once I did it....it's hard to make something so simple not sound complicated lol....Monkeys can be taught :)

I just need to get the updated herostat for Dazzler ... the old one has star/sais in her hands.... cant decompile the one in the mod and herostat isn't reading  the updated info. Anole wasn't in there either.

That's because we updated the files before Anole was released by Dihan XD

Actually we updated the files while OC Mod was still in beta lol. Should get around to updating it again

Quote from: Mr. Law^^ on October 06, 2009, 05:05AM
1. Download all mods you want to install
2. Start the HeroSelect program and create your roster
3. Launch a new game.

I did exactly this, and still nothing.

Only the other MUA characters are showing up (i.e. Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, Hulk, etc.) But NONE of the XML characters are showing up in the game. When I use HeroSelect, they all show up there, and I set up the screen exactly as I want it to look. But then get to the first SAP in the game and they aren't there.

Thank you MR LAW!!!

Yes mr. law could you update this mod please the characters i would like to be added are lady deathstrike,marvel girl,goblin queen and mystique if you could do this that would be so great