Saved Game File request

Started by GadsDad, April 24, 2007, 06:05PM

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Does anyone have a save game file on hard difficulty (with Moonknight Colossus mod) after Mephistos Realm with level 50 or so characters they could share with me?

Save game files can be found in the "\My Documents\Activision\Marvel Ultimate Alliance\Save" directory for those who aren't sure where they are.

Thanks in advance.
- GadsDad

Again,...please?  I'm not above groveling.

One topic is plenty man.  If someone has one they'll post it.

I lost my old save games so I found a settings.dat file on "game copy world DOT com" which unlocks everything. You can start a new game on hard @ level 30, not quite lvl50 but better than nothing.

gadsdad i can resend you that same save i had just after Mephisto's Realm..