SPIDER-MAN addon v1.0 - Symbiote Boost

Started by BLaw, June 12, 2009, 03:27PM

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When you see and / or download any of my stuff, you agree to the following terms:

- Do NOT modify any of my mods/meshes/skins/addons without permission!
- Do NOT put any of my mods/meshes/skins/addons available for download on ANY website or whatsoever!
- Do NOT claim it is YOUR work; Try making one for yourself and see how much time someone spends in making a mod!
- Do NOT sell any of my mods/meshes/skins/addons for cash: go find yourself a job if you need money!

V1.0 features:
- 1 skin: Cosmic Spider (0902.igb), includes a new hud (hud_head_0902.igb)
- 1 original MUA skin: Symbiote aka the Black Suit (0902.igb renamed to 0951.igb)
- 1 new Boost: Symbiote

Note: I do not include a herostat file. There is a tutorial on how to change the herostat.
With that said, you can also rename the second skin to Cosmic Spider.

You can choose to download the installer or the RAR file for the old-school method. The installer will install everything automaticly, provided that your MUA game is in /Program Files/Activision/Marvel - Ultimate Alliance/ . You CAN customize the installation directory (for example from C:/Program Files/.... to D:/Program Files/.....

Feedback is always welcome!

v1.0 INSTALLER or v1.0 RAR


Dark_Mark for allowing me to use some of Venom's effects (which may or may not have been altered).
Dihan, Teancum and Gevth for helping me out with pointers.
You for downloading this and supporting the community!
Me for coming up with the idea for this addon. Sounds really ego, doesn't it? :P

Haven't tried it yet but it looks great!

Ye and don't mind the big black square in the screenshot, it's just screentearing (took it with F9 instead of Printscrn button)

good job. this is a really cool idea. spider-man is now back in my roster

Come, on, BLaw, are you serious? I've got work to do here, man...!

I'm joking of course (well I DO have to finish the 'work of my life' until about monday, and I'm behind scadue); thank you very much once again!

BLaw, I've noticed some bugs with the addon when using it with alternate skins, such as your Spider-man Noir skin.  After the power turns off, the skin reverts to Blade - Daywalker.

Lol? Thats strange. But I have an idea...

It must be the number thats inside the skin. If you use a hexeditor on it and find a line that says 0104, change it to the number you have given for the noir skin.

Mr.Law, I have an idea... I want every costume to get black like in addon "Heart of Ice". Make it if you can please. I don't want you to do black suits for every normal suit. Just paste 6 different skins. For example: one from Deadpool, one from Blade Etc...