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Started by JETORONE, July 11, 2009, 11:44AM

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Quote from: Nowhere Man on March 19, 2010, 10:55AM
not wanting to sound arrogant, but with my boosters the twins wanda and pietro are favourites of mine too :P

I actually thought you said Panda and Wietro XD

a panda mod would be very funny. I can imagine the powers names: "bamboo assault", "black n' white strike", "WWF protest", "verge of extinshion" and "copulating impairment"
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:dazzler: Dazzler
:psylocke: Psylocke
:phoenix: Jean Grey (MUA2 conversion)

Can't imagine playing without them <3

Omega Red - When he levels up, the energy-absorbing coils are fun. Until then, it's spin, spin, spin

Angel - I must have a thing for powers that make the characters spin around...

Punisher - Just recently discovered how fun this one is. Use his Guns and Ammo boost to reduce energy consumption, then hold down the trigger on his double shot. I use him for melee a lot as well.

Green Goblin - Having lots of fun with him right now. Hallucination is really cool, chucking pumpkin bombs is just SICK, and he FLIES ON A FRIGGIN' GOBLIN GLIDER!!!

Quote from: LegionODoom on March 24, 2010, 06:19AM
Hallucination is really cool, chucking pumpkin bombs is just SICK, and he FLIES ON A FRIGGIN' GOBLIN GLIDER!!!

Well said.

Emma Frost  :emmafrost: :D
Firestar, Apocalypse, Blackbolt, Domino, Hellion, Iron fist, Jubilee, Shadowcat, Mystique, Omega red, Surge, Shadowking, Quicksilver, Green goblin and X-23... all of them are great! :D

March 28, 2010, 08:29AM #21 Last Edit: January 02, 2011, 11:22AM by MarvelFan12345
Jean Grey :phoenix: (Not all because I made her, but mostly because she is my fav character in all of Marvel)
Scarlet Witch  :scarletw: (I love her booster that Nowhere Man made and she really feels very powerful and fun)
Dazzler :dazzler: (I love her powers and effects and she really is also brilliantly designed)
Nightcrawler :nightcrawler: (I love his teleporting, because he is barely catchable)
Punisher :punisher_logo: (I don't know too much about the character but the mod is great fun)
Cyclops :cyclops: (He finally has different optic powers and is great in combat)

Hulk  :hulk_icon: - I never thought I would play with him in MUA.

War Machine  :warmachine: - Not satisfied me play with the Iron Man.

Juggernalt  :juggernaut: - Just lose the seat for the HULK.

Sun Fire  :sunfire: - I think better than the Human Torch.

Venom  :venom: - He was sorely missed.

Cyclops  :cyclops: - I loved playing with him.

Dr. Doom  :doom: - Who does not like him?

Captain Marvel  :genis: - Has some of the best effects of the game.

Among others.

I like Scarlet Witch, Rogue,Stepford Cuckoos,Quicksilver, Husk, Vision,Nightcrawler ,Blink and black widow
:scarletw: :rogue: :cuckoo: :quicks:  :husk: :vision: :nightcrawler: :blink: :blackwidow:

September 02, 2010, 07:23AM #24 Last Edit: September 02, 2010, 07:27AM by ds22489
Dihan's Psylocke (MUA 2), MarvelFan12345's Jean (MUA 2) and Mr.Law's (Or Dark Mark's? ^_^) Gobby are the best, always in my roster.

EDIT: And of course The Official Characters Pack! It's a classic.

 :psylocke: MUA2 Conversion (Happy days of fanservice)
Official Characters mod
Iaminngy and Nowhere Man's balances, boosters and add-ons
:punisher_logo: Punisher (Flamethrower has no sound though) If anyone can help me contact Blizz for a fix I would appreciate it.

I like official character pack... i can play with it. i can't install. the game become borring. :toad:

i love my  :rogue: and  :storm::phoenix:

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I love: Emma, Jean ( with all the boosters^^ ) Nowhereman's Rogue, Cyclops Dihan's psylocke and magneto and Dazzler.

i love  :madrox::hawkeye::quicks: and  :punisher_logo:

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