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Author Topic: permission problem!!!  (Read 806 times)

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permission problem!!!
« on: July 26, 2009, 02:09am »
Hey guys i finnaly started to work on my first skin and thanx to the awsome skin tutorial by BLAW,support and some positive thinking i finally reilized my dream-skin...unfortunatly i noticed the skin i used was the wolvy-w-jacket one that i forgot it was not from the game but made by IAMMINGY so...i went asking him with a pm and after sending it i saw the he wasnt on the board from almost one year and he sorta dissapeard.So i want to ask is there any way to have his permission,i mean those somebody know how can i have it,any contact,anithing?Im preety desperate for this cause i realy want to share my reskin with everyone but its not fair by not getting permission please can somebody help!

EDIT:HEY I GOT AN IDEA I RELEASE THE SKIN,GIVE ALL CREDITS TO MINGY AND WHEN HE COMES BACK(hopfuly)HE will say yes or no to the skin,i meen if YES i keep the skin released,if NO (i take my word seriously)i will delete the release forum and erase everithing evry pic about the skin and every thing that has to do with the skin,I want people  enjoy the movie skin  not to have glory since the only thing i did was a reskin of MINGY's mesh
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