Heart of Ice - The Total Iceman Addon Package! REUPLOADED

Started by BLaw, August 08, 2009, 10:09AM

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Oh, I didnt think of that. Haha. But it would be nice, if you were to create a seperate download though.

I can't guess where people put their games. Some put it on Desktop/Games, others put it elsewhere. So I went for the standuard MUA installation path.

Just out of curiosity, there wouldn't be an XML2 version available later, would there? MUA was just so beautiful, it would be nice to use in an X-Man game...

When I get XML2 I'll take a look at it. I never gave a shot at making a mod for XML2, then let it be my first one :P

From what I can assume of my meddling, the skins should transfer, it's just the commands, I guess, in the powerstyle. I'm installing right now, so I'll take a little look-see.

Thanks for responding and offering to take a look!

hey blaw, just a possible idea for an update, make the original skin, the same color as the other x-men's, it looks a bit off when next to the others (pic: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/R8hlEdovJVeD0KXq5ADTqQ?feat=directlink ). good work again!

but maybe iceman cold try to conform and have a similar color to the others?

just tried out this mod and I love it.  Blaw, you are a god amongst us mere men...

Thank you for that nice comment 40fonz. May the real god bless you :P

Just wondering, you mind uploading a non executable version for those of us who don't like .exes to do the work for us?  :P  All of the files packaged together for copy/paste would be great.  Just a suggestion.
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Oh yeah Torch is also on his way to the stage ^^ I'll repack HoI tonight in a RAR archive