Heart of Ice - The Total Iceman Addon Package! REUPLOADED

Started by BLaw, August 08, 2009, 10:09AM

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Quote from: Mr. Law^^ on June 14, 2011, 09:36AM
Yeah, be glad about that haha ^^

Well they still have a point: links are down. At least, some are. Above all, I made the installers D:.

Lol, sorry for making this whole mess, even though im not a moderator it bugs me when people bump old topics, of course your fine with it so this is fine, but in other topics when people post "Wow great mods" or "These are the best" and the topic hasnt been talked in for at least half a year it bugs me, its like this person probably has another topic where you can say that because it mean all the persons mods, so its not like it needs to be said in a specfic thread, lol Im just rambling sorry for starting this whole thing :D

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Oh wow I never realised this was a BETA XD I could only find 1 rar file and it says BETA, my first post says BETA, so yea it's the right one xD I'll update the version to 1.0 when I can get a hold of Dihan, he had cool upgrades that were never released but the base of it was the MUA powers + HoI. Modifying first post now with the new link, stand by.

Guess wut



I reuploaded it, RAR ONLY.

Woohoo got it, thanks. BTW I think this is my favorite mod.

this beta version don't have the iceform boost...upload pls  :iceman:

I can not tell if the iceform  is already in powerstyle, but either way, the talent file is missing.

Sorry for the horrible English.

Reuploading the real Version 1.0 which I just found. I guess THAT was the real pack.