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Started by Cohollow, June 17, 2019, 01:31PM

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:iceman: Iceman :iceman:

The Iceman cometh! New powers deal widespread damage and slow to give Iceman the edge over his enemies. With buffs, and debuffs Iceman is the go to character to support the team in any way the situation calls for. Keep your enemies from landing a punch with non-stop interruption, and travel powers. Who's cooler than being cool? Iceman!

Be sure to add the file below to reduce the skill count of shared skills like mutant master and to add the striker passive that i will be adding to some characters!
Shared Talents:,10916.msg199255.html#msg199255



Freeze Beam: Sends out a beam that freezes enemies. Builds bridges. Puts out fires.
Changes - Replaces slow beam as the starting ability

Ice Slide: Slides on an ice sled, doing popup and slowing enemies on contact. Puts out fires. (Press And Hold)
Changes - Now does pop up on contact

Ice Shards: Throws shards of ice at enemies in a spread.
Changes - Increased hit radius
               - Starts with 3 shards at level 1

Ice Rink: Sends out a slippery sheet of ice that trips enemies. Builds bridges. Puts out fires.
Changes - New Ability

Cold Crush: An ice projectile that freezes the target and slows enemies in a radius. Puts out fires.
Changes - Bug Fix, no longer gets a damage boost from ice combat

Ice Pillar: Ice pillars from the ground launch nearby enemies into the air.
Changes - Starts with 3 pillars at level 1

Ice Smash: Delivers a powerful smash with a fist of ice that does knock back.
Changes - New Ability


COLD SNAP: Xtreme cold attack damaging everything in sight. Nearby enemies are frozen, more distant enemies are slowed. Puts out fires.
Changes - Bug Fix, does intended damage
               - Bug Fix, properly freezes and slows enemies

ICE SIDEKICK: Spawn a minion to fight alongside Iceman for a time.
Changes - None


Ice Gloves: Increases attack rating and adds cold damage to Iceman's non-powered melee attacks.
Changes - Bug Fix, EP cost works as intended
               - Bug Fix, adds the intended amount of damage stated in the description
               - Only adds ice gloves to Iceman

Ice Armor: Ice armor reduces incoming Elemental, and physical damage. Also enemies are damaged on contact and melee attackers are slowed.
Changes - Now reduces elemental and physical damage by a percentage for the duration of the buff
               - Bug Fix, visual armor effects no longer persist after the buff ends
               - Damages enemies on contact
               - Slows attackers


Chilly Aura: Iceman's chilly aura increases defense and elemental resistance.
Changes - New Ability

Ice Combat: Adds additional cold damage to all non-powered melee attacks.
Changes - Bug Fix, adds the intended damage stated in the description

Piercing Cold: Increases the chance that beams and projectiles will pierce targets.
Changes - None

Cold Mastery: Increases damage and critical hit chance with all cold damage. Also adds resistance to cold damage.
Changes - None

Mutant Master: Increases EP regeneration Rate

Other Features

- Many unlisted changes such as new visual effects, power damage and EP costs, Power unlock rates, rebalanced boost and passive stats, etc.
- New Skins, Icons, and portraits by the talented baconWizard
- An Icy aura much like the one in MUA1 now surrounds Iceman
- Features 5 passives at the cost of 12 skill points each as opposed to the original count of 4 passives at 15 skill points each.
- Any feedback would be wonderful, let me know if you have problems, questions, or ideas.


- Skins -

be sure to check out BaconWizard17's great work here:,10201.msg188989.html#msg188989

- Icons -

be sure to check out BaconWizard17's great work here:,10201.msg188989.html#msg188989

- Additional Assets -

be sure to check out BaconWizard17's great work here:,10201.msg188989.html#msg188989

Big thanks to many community members for continued assistance and support!

:iceman:    Omega Iceman Update    :iceman:

Iceman has finally received a much needed update that incorporates all my current character building structures and balances. It also adds a whole bunch of new powers and additional features! Also note that one of the original powers I had built for Iceman did not make the cut. Razor Hail was too over powered and my attempts to repurpose it for his Xtreme didn't work out as I had hoped. His release post has been updated with the all new Iceman booster and relevant details so go ahead and give it a download!

- New skins, power icons, conversation portraits and additional unique assets by the talented BaconWizard
- New Ice Smash power that has increased knock back and critical hit chance
- Rebuilt the armor buff to feature a new Ice Armor skin, defensive buffs and enemy debuffs
- Fixed Cold Snap Xtreme bug, now does the intended damage and freeze and slow debuffs
- A new 5th passive and all passives now only cost 12 skill points
- Fixed bugs with both his melee boosting passive and boost to now add the intended amount of damage stated in the description
- Plenty of new and improved visual effects including an icy aura around Iceman much like the one seen in MUA1
- A whole bunch of power rebalancing
- plenty of improvements to power execution such as timing, and player control
- Improved code and file management
- A whole bunch of other things that would get boring to read about XD