Re: Shadowslack's BOOSTER Releases (JEAN GREY TKBOOSTER UPDATE 4/5/13)

Started by shadowslacks, August 13, 2009, 02:46AM

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Thanks guys, i appreciate the comments! :)
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Final day for my laptop before it gets sent away =O!!!
Anyway, here is the final output for the GAMBIT BOOSTER! Im keeping the BETA version here incase some of you would prefer the older effects.


<a href=""> ---> CLICK FOR VIDEO PREVIEW</a>

Download Booster :
Download Herostat :
- the herotstat entry is needed so his first level skill is the charged throw and not his 30th level skill, royal flash. That is if it bothers you.

- I altered the levels of some skills
- changed the damages of his skills
- added 2 new skills
-  skill animation
- took off his ace of spades skill since it seemed redundant with full house and replaced it with a base lvl 1 skill called charged throw

differences from the beta version:
- changed effects and attributes his Charged Throw skill. Instead of one card, i made it three cos i found him a little weak in his lower levels.
- better effects in general
- new flame/explosion effects for Staff Slam, Staff Assault, and Full House
- recoloured some effects. beta version some effects had red, while others had pink and it kinda looked ugly while this one has a mixture of red and pink!
- fixed the pre-requisites for his skills

Charged Throw  - throws a three cards that cause cumbustion and knocback
Staff Assault - multiple staff melee attacks that explodes on each contact to a target
Detonation - charges objects/enemies
Staff Slam - hits the ground with his staff causing a radial explosion and energy damage
Full House - throws max of 20 cards on the ground causing explosion on contact. (I like this skill for traps)
Royal Flash - throws a deck of cards that wil chase multiple enemies (one of my favourite!)
- he has the same extremes and boosts.

Possible Issue and additional notes:
- If pink/yellow squares show up when you use his effects, make sure to download the MUA1 texture pack. You can get it
- you HAVE to start a new game due to the herostat entry

Report bugs RIGHT HERE
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Ohh nice, I watched the preview video and he looks great.
I especially loved the power where he throws cards and the explosion looks like fireworks (?) I don't know how to describe that effect but looks awesome. In fact it gave me an idea, but I'll tell you via PM :)
Wondefulll work!
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Thank you! means a lot coming from a modder like you!
I dont know what it is either haha but fireworks will do :P
Sure you can PM me anytime :)
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I played the final version and it is really cool. I'm glad you released a version with pink effects as well as they seem to suit him more for me.

Looks totally great! Sad, that I don't have my XML2 here with me. Maybe next week, I'll try it out!

@ MarvelFan12345 thanks! exactly why i reverted it back to pink. i thought it suited him better

@Deedoo thanks for the pack btw! all i had to do was replace the missing texture with the available ones in the pack

@Suigetsu thank you!! hope it wont disappoint or anything. weren't you the gambit fan?
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Yeah, I'm a fan of Gambit, Nightcrawler, Deadpool and some other ones, but those two are my all time favourite X-Men!

Gambit's starting to grow in me thus the booster! :D and thanks again!
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looks good, great job :)
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Quote from: nodoubt_jr on June 26, 2010, 11:12PM
looks good, great job :)
thank you! nodoubt_jr! :D that means a lot!

btw guys i provided a herostat entry link for gambit and a new download link for his booster. forgot to include that! it totally slipped out of my mind. so sorry.
also, if any of you will find a dead link here tell me cos i kind of cleaned my files in media fire. enjoy ^_^
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