Realism Mod - Part DEUX

Started by BLaw, August 28, 2009, 03:53AM

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Quote from: tymaca321 on April 16, 2010, 09:20AM
You know i didnt really meant that literly right? Your talking about needing Iammingy's permission etc. He just asks a simple ''what am i doing wrong?'' question, seriously dude. I hope you can see whats wrong (btw i dont need to your characters packages and fightstyles folder :P). Back on topic, tryed it out Blaw and i must say its pretty sweet, really cant wait for part ''drei''

Which will be includes Swordsman & Super Skrull PSP boss fight. :)
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Quote from: tymaca321 on April 16, 2010, 09:20AM
Back on topic

dude, seriously, dont play dumb, you know what i meant :P.

Anyways Blaw, any date of when part drei/drie (:P) might be coming out?

I don't know yet, Perhaps soon. I'll see.^^

Hey, could you give me the detailed instructions for this mod?

I just tried out this realism mod, yeah I thought it was just for sim missions for some reason lol, so I'm a little late in using this mod, but I love it.  It brings more depth to the game and makes it, well.......realistic.  This is how the boss fights should be, I mean the bosses can knock us around, so why couldn't we.  I only played the first level with the scorpion fight, just to try it out but I know that this is gonna add a whole new layer to the game that previously wasn't there but should've been there, so I just wanted thanks and great job.  :)
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the... mod... is... awesome!!! it makes the game SOOO much better. thanks for the hard work!!

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Hello Mister Law. This thread isn't the newest... but I just reinstalled mua and am reaquainting myself with what was released in the time I was away.
I noticed that for the majority of the entries in npcstat you have removed 'boss_resistances', but for Titannus you left it in tact and instead removed 'fightstyle_villain'.
Assuming thats not just an oversight, why that choice?

Love your work by the way. Always have.
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Because I looked up most Villains in the marvel directory. Those who shouldn't be knocked over shouldn't be knocked over and etc. But I might've skipped Titannus. There was a lot of villains to adjust.

No, I agree with your choices, just wondering about the fightstyle edit. I also noticed that originally certain foes have 'villain_resistances' and others have 'boss_resistances'. Were you able to find out what the differences are between these two or where they are defined?
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Yes. Boss resistances means bosses are immune to everything except damage. Can't be knocked back, tripped, grabbed, and so on.

Oh... I see.

I know i've seen knock_resist by itself and also no_trip and no_grab (on Collosus) so thanks that helps me get a better understanding. I agree that it sucks not being able to trip grab or knockback bosses, so with that removed I have more control over that aspect by using the individual resists instead of the all inclussive one. I used to skip over boss_resistances & villain_resistances thinking they were just for effects like poisoning and charming (which they still might be I guess). That clears a lot up for me. Thanks!
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" the Part DREI will feature:
- Fixed resistances of some villains
- 200% more HP per realism villain "

Very very nice. so it is now in the part DEUX ? so the HP of villains are normal still ? is the modder still working on it for the  Part DREI ?

this makes the game a lot easier

Is there any work still being done on this mod?

I'm playing the game with it installed now and I'm a bit torn up about it. I certainly do like the added realism a lot, it never made much sense to me that guys like the Scorpion and the Shocker couldn't be knocked around while being clobbered up by the likes of Thor, Hulk, Thing and Ms. Marvel- possibly all at the same time. Also, I always had the urge to web up these guys with Spider-Man, and now all webbing tricks are allowed. Additionally, I always disliked how several nice powers and effects to get for your characters wouldn't do anything extra on the bosses. So yay, all for the realism mod! Thanks for the excellent work!

...but on the other hand, it certainly does make the game a lot easier. Some guys just won't be able to ever get a hit in when they keep being stunned or knocked over. And if there's any abyss in the arena, the bosses have even less of a chance. You can simply bash Ultimo over the side in the first stage of the Valley of the Spirits. I just got a gold star on Dr. Strange solo mission without any effort, other than grabbing Mordo with Levitation and throwing him off the edge.

I was wondering what could be done about it? Is it possible to edit the file so the bosses still get partial resistance? Or is the third edition of the mod still going to up the difficulty?

Thx Marvintage i can now throw the bosses around and use special attacks on them and i agree it makes the game more realistic when you do throw them around and stun them. :storm: