Realism Mod - Part DEUX

Started by BLaw, August 28, 2009, 03:53AM

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What's this mod about oh big ol' mister sir?
This "mod" is about making the game a tad bit harder, yet more enjoyable and a bit more realistic too. I do not provide preview pictures: discover it for yourself!

What does this mod version do?
:galactus: Removes the attribute resistances of non-minigame villains and bosses to up the realism. Big size bosses maintain the resistances however. BECAUSE IT"S REALISTIC!

:silvers:  You can now perform stun, knockback and every other attribute on the villains and bosses. I did not remove specific resistances on bosses, for example the little green orc/dwarf guy you encounter in Thor's realm, who has a resistance against energy damage.

- Make a backup of NPCSTAT.engb in your MUA/data folder.
- Save the file in your MUA/data folder.
- Rename the file to NPCSTAT.engb (without caps)

CLICK HERE FOR A PREVIEW VIDEO OF DAKEN & THE REALISM MOD. Watch Thunderball being knocked around, stunned & being tripped!.


Part DREI will feature:
- Fixed resistances of some villains
- 200% more HP per realism villain

Reported bugs and such

Thanks BLaw, sounds amazing, gonna try it :)

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What a great mod BLaw.

EDIT: How many parts are you planning to create?
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Not to be rude, but I hope you will edit your post after reading through the whole first post, instead of posting a new reply.

EDIT: As many parts I want to. If I am tired on working on something I either release it and making sure there are no bugs or pause till I wanna start working on it again.

Sounds great, if I ever have the chance to try it, than I will.

Updated the first post with a preview movie of the Daken mod AND Realism mod. Was too lazy to make 2 videos, and forgot to put my music in it. I choose a random track without listening to it, so don't come to me and say the track is crappy.

Love the Daken mod, it's like an improved Wolverine, especially like, that he doesn't have a rage mod. The Realism mod is good too.

Daken looks bad ass, indeed.

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Blaw you are the man. I've only played a bit with the realism but I was glad to be able to give bullseye the beatdown he deserves lol, I even got him to go over the rail and he screamed to his death and I still got his item drop. Excellent work man.
btw I said bullseye because I loaded up a saved game and he was the nearest boss


Nice, I didn't think of raildrops, but I'm glad that works too haha.
Been playing the MUA storyline with realism on. So far no bugs or left out bosses/villains.

Oh and extra info: giant bosses will count as minigame bosses.

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Quote from: BLaw on August 28, 2009, 10:28PM
Nice, I didn't think of raildrops, but I'm glad that works too haha.

Well, I tested it too. This sure makes some fights a lot easier whem you have a telekinekic! But it's fun.

On another note, I kinda wish the heros could perform the grab_smash on the bosses too. Is it possible?

Not yet. When I finished the Daken/Realism vid I found out. I'm currently working on Ultimate Sabretooth, when it's done, I'll turn my head to the Realism mod again, see if I can come up with more things.

Just to put 1 thing straight: I won't remove the minigame stuff from bosses nor will I up their HP. They will remain as they are.

Spiderman's grab-smash worked for me on scorpion

Ah now I see why some can't be grabbed. Some villains have fightstyle_villains_big. I won't touch those, because I'm only going for the resistances. If I'm correct, most bosses can be grabbed (like Scorpion). Godlike bosses (like Thunderball) can't be grabbed. I might change it, because I find Thunderball to small for having villains_big :P

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Ohh... thanks for the info. Yeah, I actually tried Thunderball on his simulator mission!

EDIT: Nevertheless, it would be fun seeing Hulk perfoming his fourth power (forgot the name... he rushes towards the enemy and beat him in the ground) on Rhino!

But the 'realistic mode' is really fun anyway!