What characters are ALWAYS in your 27

Started by nodnerg, August 30, 2009, 05:51PM

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Jean Grey is my number 1 heroine :P

 uh let me see......

:madrox: :magma: :iwoman: :hellion: :avalanche: :kittyp: :phoenix: :wbane: :sunfire: :pyro: :firestar: :emmafrost: :humant: :nightcrawler: :jubilee: :genis: :sunspot: :iceman: :storm: :polaris: :magneto: :colossus: :cyclops :xavier::

but the following are kinda my favorites......

:stark: :ifist: :fantastic:

Isnt Multiply man's link dead?

BTW for me its

Psylocke (Dihan)
Phoenix (Marvelfan)
When she comes out Pixie (Dihan
And storm (with the Shadowslacks conversion booster :D)

 :daredevil:  :cable:  :madrox:  :capamer:  :cyclops:  :havok:  :hawkeye:  :ronin:  :blackwidow:  :blackshake:  :emmafrost: and as always hopefull soon  :cd: 

Always 27...

Colossus  :colossus:
Thor  :thor:
Ms. Marvel  :warbird:           Sometimes I Swap Out For Rogue  :rogue:
She-Hulk  :shehulk:
Juggernaut  :juggernaut:
Omega Red  :omega:
Firestar  :firestar:
Polaris  :polaris:
Iceman  :iceman:
Silver Surfer  :silvers:
Wolverine  :wolverine:
Spiderman  :spiderman:
Captain America  :capamer:
Psylocke  :psylocke:
Thing  :thing:
Human Torch  :humant:
Mr. Fantastic  :fantastic:
Invisible Woman  :iwoman:
Jubilee  :jubilee:
Arch Angel  :archangel:
Dr. Doom  :doom:
Dr. Strange  :strange:
Captain Marvel  :genis:
Apocalypse  :apocalypse:     Sometimes I Swap Out For Nightcrawler  :nightcrawler:
Namor  :namor:                    Sometimes I Swap Out For Hawkeye  :hawkeye:
Hulk  :hulk_icon:
Dazzler  :dazzler:

:phoenix: (Dark Phoenix)
:venom: (using him as Shadow King)

X-Men Legends 3!!

This is the roster I want to see, but instead I'm making MUA XML3!!

:marvelg: (jean grey not phoenix)
gob queen
:domino: (just got her and i love her)
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1. Magneto  :magneto:
2. Polaris  :polaris:
3. Scarlet witch (with booster) :scarletw:
4. Quicksilver  :quicks:
5. Rogue  :rogue:
6. Gambit  :gambit:
7. Shadowcat  :kittyp:
8. Nightcrawler  :nightcrawler:
9. Revanche  :revanche:
10. Stepford Cuckoos  :cuckoo:
11. Elektra  :elektra:
12. Daredevil  :daredevil:
13. Blink  :blink:
14. Banshee  :banshee:
15. Dazzler  :dazzler:
16. Dr. Strange  :strange:
17. Marrow  :marrow:
18. Emma frost  :emmafrost:
19. Enchantress  :enchantress:
20. Moonstone  :warbird:
21. Jean grey  :phoenix:
22. Goblin Queen  :phoenix:
23. Dark Pheonix  :phoenix:
24. Angel  :archangel:
25. Husk  :husk:
26. Spider-woman  :spiderwoman:
27. Spider-man  :spiderman:

 :capamer: One of the best melee fighters in the game and love the ideals that he stands for.
:cyclops: Some people look down on cyclops saying he isn't as badass as  :wolverine: I am not one of those people.
:deadpool: Funniest guy in all of Marvel and good in combat.
:ghostr: Can't count how many times he saved my ass in boss fights with Ravaging flame, plus he is badass.
:stark: Tony Stark kicked ass with his energy buff and repulsors in a cave with a box of scraps.
:magneto: Untouchable and the best X-men villan ever.
:hulk_icon: Fury is just over the top and his Xtreme yell is the best ever.
:punisher_logo: Great skill set and very satisfying to beat the game solo with.
:spiderman: Been a fan of web head since I was little and that will never change.  Curse you One more day curse you!
:thor: Thor getting the boot? Nay thee I say.

 :capamer: - why not, he's Sentinel of Liberty
:cyclops: - he's pretty powerful
:genis: :thor: - these guys are even MORE powerful
:deadpool: - who doesn't like this guy???
:ghostr: - i'm afraid he'll avenge his absence and burn me :)
:greengoblin: :magneto: - my fav villains
:hawkeye: :moonk: :gambit: :toxin: - dunno, i just like them
:madrox: - he's surrounded by 5 enemies, they say he's overwhelmed, he creates 9 dupes and says "Look again" :)
:punisher_logo: bad ass villain killer, why not?
:quicks: - i liked when i didn't even have to use powers, just in mere seconds he can already kill an enemy

Who else of you clowns think I'm crazy and ugly??? None? Good, 'cause I need to go to the next circus and kill other clowns. Why, you ask? 'Cause I HATE CIRCUS!!!

The characters i would really need in it are  :stark: :spiderman: :wolverine: :capamer: :thor: and :ghostr:

I didn't changed any PC default characters (especially Colossus & Moon Knight are part of it because their models & huds are in there), as well Magneto (pad95_model on a team_back's xmlb files in a middle of pad02_model (Doctor Strange's) & pad03_model (Ghost Rider's)), y'know it's too important to me to saved both Nightcrawler & Jean in Mephisto's Realm by Dark_Mark for his amazing script makes. I only 1 by 1 of these 4 other characters liked: Venom (simple: pad96_model), Hulk (simple: pad26_model), Hawkeye (pad91_model, in a middle of Iceman & Panther) and Cyclops (pad92_model, in a middle of Panther & Fury)

Waste of PC energies.  :sniff:
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