What characters are ALWAYS in your 27

Started by nodnerg, August 30, 2009, 05:51PM

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Jean Grey (with the TK booster) :phoenix:
Emma Frost (Whiteking's version) :emmafrost:
Moonstone :warbird:
Enchantress :enchantress:
Archangel :archangel:
Mysterio :mysterio:
Shadow King :venom:
Stepford Cuckoo  :cuckoo:
Dr. Doom :doom:
Apocalypse :apocalypse:

Cats are superior to humans and one day they will rule the Earth.

I have a way of doing things so that each time I get to a checkpoint, I switch to my 2nd "team"
Team 1 is Deadpool, Moon Knight, Luke Cage, and Scarlet Spider (The mod)
Team 2 is Hawkeye, AoA Nightcrawler, Iron Fist, and Toxin.

^ Those are my favorite characters in order too.

Emma Frost, Jean Grey, Elixir, Surge, Iceman, Shadowcat and Rogue. Magma, lately.

- Black Panther  :panther:
- Captain America :capamer:
- Cyclops  :cyclops:
- Daredevil  :daredevil:
- Deadpool  :deadpool:
- Doctor Strange  :strange:
- Elektra  :elektra:
- Ghost Rider  :ghostr:
- Human Torch  :humant:
- Iceman  :iceman:
- Invisible Woman  :iwoman:
- Iron Man  :stark:
- Magneto  :magneto:
- Mr. Fantastic  :fantastic:
- Silver Surfer  :silvers:
- Spider-Man  :spiderman:
- Thor  :thor:
- Wolverine  :wolverine:

Original Cast:  :colossus: :cyclops: :iwoman: :panther:

Mods:  :blink: : :kittyp:: :psylocke: :emmafrost:

What Can I say? The Mods just does females the Justice MUA never did lol! 

Honorable mention to Archangel who also never leaves my 27.  Just something so unique about his flapping I can't get over.

Well Wolverine is almost always in my 27 and in my team since he tends to survive long
1- Emma for obvious reasons xD
2- Cyclops
3-Jean ( it used the be coz I like her a lot now I kinda hate her but I keep her cuz her stance is a good show model for skins so xD shes there for that same with Cyclops on xml2 but its because his skin is easiest to remmber xD 0101 xD )
4-Dr.Strange I love him xD anywhere anyday xD
5-Spiderman althou I never use him a dear friend of mine is the biggest fan of his I know so that kinda makes me feel safe that hes there : D
6-Ms Marvel- I rarely use her but I like her a lot so shes there xD
7-Storm... the goddess HELLO?!
10-Black Widow I dont like her in MUA that much tbh for my oppinion she needs more guns and should be more agile but shes one of my fave marvel chars nontheless so shes always there
11- HAWKEYE!!!! OK I cant remmber who made this mod but hes AMAZING! Not only that I like him as a marvel char but his mod is stunningly good for a character that isnt OP and that isnt superhuman so yea ; D
12- Scarlet Witch Love the character love how shes made for MUA with few boosters and a cape : p so y not? she fits a lot of roles xD
and !!!!!!!
13-PSYLOCKE!!!! Shes everything I like Telepathic Telekinetic Martial art fashionista so for me not to have her would be me going agianst me xD

I always have  :storm:  :wolverine:  :psylocke:  :cyclops:  :rogue:  :iceman:  :magneto:   :emmafrost: they are ones i love to play with and is always in my roster.