Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 coming to pc in March, 2017!

Started by MMXZero2002, December 03, 2016, 01:55PM

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According to Game Informer's website, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 will be released on pc in March, 2017! I can't wait to see what mods everyone makes for this game!

Here's the article on Game Informer:



I really hope Carnage will be in Infinite!   :carnage:


SFxT mechanics also confirmed on tag switch combos.

Better hope it has:
*No involvement of movie rights, as involving those is bad idea. Marvel already planning to completely revive X-Men series for 2017; Fantastic Four return by starting with adding Ego as human dad of Star-Lord instead of J'son in MCU & Spidey still waiting for F4's return as shown in early post-Secret Wars Spidey comic series. Those two series' audience are one of the very important Marvel series to appear on future MvC

*Capcom Spidey's death in Spider-Verse better be AU or explains how he survived from Morlun, despite being defeated. If he did encountered Morlun, sometimes i expect Akuma is the one who saved Spidey & likely tie to Tekken 7

*JP voice for Marvel characters. Officially since Marvel Anime from Gonzo and Disney JP's Disk Wars

*Decent Storyline and Alt Costumes (For Storyline should be not as bad as SFV's lack of story contents. For Alt Costumes... remember what happen to Maggy's DLC Alt?)

*Ratio System


*Following the part SNK did on KOFXIV
**Regular Intro Scene
**Vs. Special Intro Scene (w/ BGM, but won't be included when Teammate KOed)
**Character Vs. Character BGM (Teammate KOed also affected)

*Part of Project X Zone 3 dev
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