So what exactly are your thoughts on the X-Men movies?

Started by TheStorm, August 30, 2009, 06:31PM

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Quote from: BLaw on August 31, 2009, 08:11AM
Well I consider the movies to be a new universe but they did say that they want the characteristics to be the same. Gotta keep their word right?

I gotta agree with ya. Although if they really made the characters JUST LIKE or AS IT IS in the comics, it sure would look stupid! Could you imagine Hugh "Logan" Jackman in a yellow spandex? That reminds me of Cyke's like in the X-Jet in the first X-movie... lol...

It'd be very weird to see those guys running around with their underwear on top of their pants...
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What I hate is the constant killing of characters in X3. Although I bet Cyke and Jean will be brought back as Xavier already has.

I really hope they will.

There's a big chance they will, because we never really got to see Scott killed and even Jean said " I think I killed Scott ".

Isn't the next X-Men movie (besides XOW2) going to be based on First Class or something like that?

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Yeah it will have all the X-Men oldies so expect Xavier, Jean, Scott, Storm, and Beast. Maybe even Magneto.

I liked them, as a huge X-Men fan i was satisfied by them, even X3 which seems to be the most hated one.
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I found X3 to be my fav maybe cuz it gave Storm and Jean more spotlight. I hated the little apperance of Scott and that fake psylocke.

I'm in a huge minority but I liked the 3rd the most, sequels should always be more action orientated
the first 2 felt cheap, but overall they where ok. They should have just stuck closer to the comic origins, I hate when movie studios think they know what to do with the source material even though it was established better over 40 years ago

x3 was by far my favorite until days of the future past came out, i also liked first class a lot too, i thought the apocalypse movie was a bit weak but a lot of people seemed to like it, so no disrespect to that movie at all

I didn't like any of the movies that much. They represented the characters poorly, there was hardly any character development other than wolverine's, they didn't even stay true to the comics, the costumes were terrible, and by the time they got done with DOFP the timeline was just too messed up. Also, first class should've been about the real first X-Men

X3 because of Storm's and Wolverine's fighting scene with Juggernaut, Callisto, Spike in Jean's house. :storm: