XML2: Realism Pt. Uno

Started by BLaw, September 02, 2009, 06:38AM

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September 02, 2009, 06:38AM Last Edit: January 02, 2014, 09:08AM by B.L.A.W
Like the MUA version, this version also adds more realism to the game.

Increased Battle Duration: non-minigame bosses/villains have their HP increased by 100%.
Boss Resistance Removed: non-minigame bosses/villains have their resistances removed. You can now perform any ability on them, knocking back, tripping... Whatever you can imagine! This does not include the resistances of end-game bosses or huge bosses.

How To Use:
Make a backup of "npcstat.engb" in your XML2/data folder. Download and unpack the "mod" and place it in the XML2/data folder.

Comments and feedback are welcome as always.


I've been waiting to see your entrance into XMLII and let me say that it is good to see you here. Thanks BLaw!

Sounds good :)
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Just when I think I'm about done with XML2, you release your realism mod. Great work as always

Now go X-Man/Brotherhood Guy! Show them your what you're really made of!

Or something like that.

Man,i wish i had xml2 now!
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hey Mr. Law, can you reload the file? It keeps saying "Invalid link"

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Could you please re-upload this cause the link is dead. Thanks

I really really want this!! But won't it make it easy to grow xp with the leader passive?

realism mod has a dead link please reupload

Can you reupload the link an does it make the characters look better quality?

Can you please reupload this file.

this is great
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