HeroSelectXML2 V1.2 RELEASED (international language support)

Started by Norrin Radd, August 28, 2007, 09:03PM

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I'm going to try this out. If it works, you are GOD. Thanks in advance, I'm betting it's as good as the MUA Heroselect, which soooooo rocks.

Could you guys update the hero select to "auto unlock" any added characters? I'm having difficulty getting all of the character slots to be available. Currently, I can't get the 21rst to unlock, I was able to add the Beast and Psylocke, and the "hidden" characters. After I tried to add Cable it all went bad.

I have tried numerous "unlock all character codes" to no avail. Thank you.

the website to download nba2kstuff's xmlb-compile v2.2 (non-ui) from has expired, can someone upload the file somewhere?

There is a new link for the decompiling tool http://www.mediafire.com/?2s949t38aidelcd.However I cannot finf the link for the non-ui,so you still have to install characters manually :bawling:

that's too bad, since i have noooooo idea how to do that! but thanks for the reply, glad to know someone's alive in this forum :L

i don't suppose anyone could just re-upload the non-ui file though? it'd be a great help! plus i would actually start playing the game if i could just have all the characters i wanted :L

If you want I can send you detailed instructions on how to manually install new characters. ;)

that would actually be a great help! i still have the game installed in case i decided to go about learning how to manually install :L

I'm having problems with heroselect after reinstalling. X-Men Legends 2. It will not change any roster member. Do I need to reinstall my OS as well? I'm sure I'm adding the characters correctly, I have done this on XML2 and MUA numerous times before.

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I'm having the same problem as the others.  Heroselect doesn't seem to be working, to the point where even clicking accept and then starting the game normally isn't working.   I've tried this, in addition to ensuring that both heroselect and herostatxml2.cfg point to the correct file location and deleting the settings.dat file created under My Documents.  It would be great to finally be able to add some characters to the game, but I'm not sure how to work around this problem and any help would be appreciated.

BTW, sorry to necropost, but jacobprater already had a thread in the technical issues section that hadn't been answered and I figured I'd get in less trouble doing this than starting another thread.

EDIT: I was just looking at the files.  If it wasn't for some getting this to work successfully, I'd think the problem was the presence of "xml2" in herostat (herostatxml2.cfg) and the references to it in heroselect. 

Looking at it more, I just noticed that, unlike your MUA heroselect (which is very well-made), this one isn't updating any of the files under the data folder.  passvalues.hero is being populated, but the selected character information isn't making it to the data files, leading me to believe the specific segment of your code dealing with this is the problem.

EDIT: disgaea and I finally got everything to work correctly.  If anyone's curious, check out the topic below.