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Started by DJay Saint, September 18, 2009, 03:38PM

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What do you think?  My old one stopped working and apparently there's not getting it running again, so I'm getting a new external hard drive.  This time I'm getting a Western Digital 1 tb.  Thing I like about this hard drive is it actually has an on/off switch so no worrying about the hard drive's automatic on/off features, I can do it manually.  I also like the 256 bit encryption which my old one didn't have... and the best part, a 2 year warranty!  :D  I have a small 5400 RPM Western Digital for my laptop, it's a 160 gig and it works awesome, so Western Digital seems like a good brand to me.  Anyway, just curious about what other people use.
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I have a Maxtor Basics 640GB harddrive have only used it for storing games with my Wii but it has done the job.

I had a Western Digital 1TB EHD. HAD. It fell... Kaput. Why? Screws were loose on the inside, allowing the drive inside to take harder beatings from a fall. I had a lot of data on it, including homework, skins.. Gone. Costed me exactly € 100,-.

I got a new one, 1TB Western Digital, looks different. This one has not (yet) disappointed me. They say Western Digital is one of the best brands of external HD's..  My current one costed € 89,-.

Yeah I had another Western Digital, it was a smaller portable drive.  5400 rpm just powered by the USB port which is what I took with me to college and what not, and I've had 0 problems with it so far.  Turns out though, the problem with my Maxtor 3200 was the power supply.  Apparently Asian Power Supply co. makes awful power supplies, they seem to go out quick.  I've seen all kinds of bad things said about them, and that was the one my Maxtor came with.  Either way, I got 2 working drives again, but I'm just throwing everything on to my new Western Digital one since it's security encrypted and more than triple the space of my Maxtor.  Oh, and it also has an on/off button!  Yay no more hibernation mode.
Some day, someone will best me.  But it won't be today, and it won't be you.

The artist formerly known as Burning Rage.

Hehe. Well I'm kinda sad: my previous WD had the on/off switch. Now, I need to:
A) Safely disconnect the drive
B) Pull out the cable.

Sounds stupid if you read that XD

I hate the power supply on my maxtor wish it was just usb based.

I always just buy an internal hard drive then a separate enclosure.  That why should the hard drive ever die it's really easy to pop another one in.  That's what I'd recommend doing.  The itty bitty USB cases with laptop drives in there tend to be hit-and-miss.