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Started by Kaiko, May 09, 2017, 08:55AM

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I was thinking of posting my workable mods here with there herostat and all that so you can pick and choose what characters you want to have in your game here is how it will work i will post a link/picture with all the right files all you have to do is.

1) drag all files except herostat.txt into assetsfb.wad located in PSP_GAME>USEDIR>z you can open .wad with winRAR

2) goto data folder in assetsfb.wad and find herostat.engb and move it into a new folder on your desktop or something next get XMLCUI link will be posted here.

3) open the XMLCUI folder and go into bin you will find xmlb-compile.exe. Now you are going to want to put that here C:\Windows and click continue.

4) now run xmlbcui.exe and click File>De-Compile now click browse and find the herostat.engb that i said about now click accept a black box will appear wait a few seconds and press enter.

5) now click Edit this part you will have to replace a exiting character such as black panther.

6) find were it said menulocation = Number ; and write the number some were (My one is 10)

7) now go into the modded character .rar or .zip file and find herostat.text now you are going to want to high light from stats { to the end } of the herostat.text

8) now do ctrl-c or just right click copy

9) now go into the herostat.xml notepad and highlight from stats { to } of black panther and do ctrl-v or right click and paste.

10) now go find menulocation = XX ; and replace that with the number that you found for black panther, my one was 10 so now menulocation = XX ; looks like menulocation = 10 ;

11) now save the file ctrl-s or file>save and click the cross (X)

12) now click file>compile and look at the second box it should say at the end herostat.XMLB change the .XMLB to .engb and click accept.

13) now open you assetsfb.wad file and go to data.

14) now find you herostat.engb you put on your desktop new folder.

15) and drag that herostat.engb to winrar and click ok wait and now your finished

Good luck if need help just pm me im always on.


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Making ps2 models work ingame on psp

Quote from: jayglass on October 15, 2017, 10:37AM
Making ps2 models work ingame on psp

I think that ps2 models are different to psp so they will not load.

Most PS2 models load fine, but they take up more memory, so adding too many causes it to crash.

Quote from: Teancum on October 16, 2017, 03:21AM
Most PS2 models load fine, but they take up more memory, so adding too many causes it to crash.

OOO i will have to look into this. and do some more psp modding :D

They load in the menu but crash in-game

Are you running on a PSP or in an emulator? I never tried on the actual device.

I think psp can only read 128x128 skins

No, I've done 256x256, but you still run into the problem of the PSP only having so much memory total for textures. So after just a few PS2 models you'll be out of memory.

How did you get 256x256 to work?

The last time I try is to use PPSSPP to working on it
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Quote from: LarsAlexandersson on October 17, 2017, 06:55PM
The last time I try is to use PPSSPP to working on it

It's been several years since I've done it. I don't really remember, other that I used several community PS2 skins.

I think reskins gives trouble