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Started by LX - Rampage, September 22, 2009, 10:09AM

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I feel pretty good, because it's my birthday.. :D Also I feel good because tomorrow is a drama lesson and I like drama. So now I'll probably just write this message and go to sauna in five minutes
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Today I had a terrible day! I'm ill again and I'm totally pissed off, because of a little rude girl, who thinks she is some kind of Fairy Godmother, but at the end, she wants to make me angrier and stuff.

Ok..i just got an oral test in history and got 5 out of 10,wich is  not good but i dont have any remorces,i will try to fix it eventualy ^^.My day is neutral for now
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Hating my school projects to death, gotta go to work for like 2 hours or so, tired as hell long day at school tomorrow. I.o.w: #$&(#)&$(#*@$.

I always knew that this topic is just great! BTW, I feel better today, but still ill.

I feel great because I have holiday. And now I will eat a croque-monsieur (french toast sandwich)  :D.
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I think I'm practically done with school. I feel great (I think...)!

Good to hear, that someone feels great! In the moment, I feel better than ever, because of a friend of mine :)

You don't know her. She lives here in Hungary, but not close to me. I talk with her on MSN, but we are really good friends. Whenever one of us has a problem, the otherone helps and our mood is always 100% great, when we speak :)

Well, my blood test came in today. It's official, my body is screwed up. Joint pain in EVERY one there is in my body, inflammation of both shoulder joints, and the bloodwork says "yeah, it might just be rheumatoid arthrosis". Bleh. Just bleh.

In other news, my parents no longer think that I'm faking it, which is a good thing. I think.

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Not so good at this kind of English, but I hope everything will go well with you

How do I hate most of the hungarians under 18! Most of them are unpure souls! They just use cigarettes, drink many alcohol, sometimes uses drugs and even have sexual things with eachother. I feel sometimes alone, cause I'm better in things like these. I don't want to do stuff, which are bad for me, even in this age. Mostly people in Hungary do these stuff at the age of 14 or below! Bad, isn't it?