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Started by Quentin Hex, October 01, 2009, 02:34PM

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You definitely have the wittiest mod ideas here  :)
Do you give me permission to use the gravestone for my Hood mod?
My mods:
My mods in progress:
No time for modding at the moment, sorry.

I think you could replace those big statues you used with those dolls, like the teddy bear and the elephant from Murderworld. It looks a bit weird grabbing and throwing that dragon statue. haha

i noticed that. i'm going to have an update with some more models at some point, but i think i'll try actually modding a little at this point.

I love using this. There were so many good models that it was hard to pick!

It just hit me: You can use any model for this, correct? Even existing ones in the game? This might get back into playing MUA a lot!

@marvelfan12345: thank you!
@piutebob: exactly.

updated the first post with version 2.0. beleive me, this is worth checking out!

Oh. My. Dog. What is Strange going to do with this forklift in his way? I shall have to be patient and stay tuned.

Can't wait to get my hands back on MUA and try this out!

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jean grey manikins here
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here also means the first post.
i removed the cap and thor microboosters because i wasn't satisfied with them. sorry.

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found here:

spiderman's symbiote skin repurposed for venom. it's not perfect, but it works for me.

credit to the original mua creators and such