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Started by MarvelFan12345, October 03, 2009, 05:49PM

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This looks like a really cool mod, so I hope someone can clear this up. I just tried installing this onto an existing Official Characters 1.2 install (manually replaced a char in herostat with Jean), and I've had some trouble:

* Jean can't fly
* No HUD images
* No Powers listed (and no Power images, although one psi-bolt-type power became randomly available during play)
* Game crashed when I went to hero details mid-battle

There may be some simple and obvious thing that I should/shouldn't have done, but I can't seem to figure out what it is. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks! 

did you start a new game after installation? if you did try reinstalling.

if that doesn't work try installing the jean mod from here first:,2471.0.html

Ok, first to all you have to start a new game with default stats each time you edit the herostat. Don't use your saved games.
If you started a new game and still has problems, be sure that the files are located on the correct folders, for example the files located on  the actors folder on the mod, must be on the actors folder of the game. Sometimes we commit mistakes when packing files.
Check that and tell me if it worked, because I tried this mod before (both the booster and the MUA2 conversion) and I never had any problem.

Grr... Deedoo is faster than me while posting :P
If none of my sugestions worked, go with deedoo's post and re-install everything ^^
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Thanks for the quick responses. I didn't start a new game after editing herostat! Duh, had no idea. I guess I was living in the dream that you could work around the 27 char limit by just editing it and dropping in whoever you wanted as you played through, but alas. I edited herostat again and started a new game and it seems that most of the glitches were fixed (Jean can now fly, as can Doom and Rogue, She-Hulk can lift stuff...ah, what a relief). 

There was a sec where Rogue's power list/HUD disappeared, and one of Jean's skins was flying all weird, but maybe that can be chalked up to the experimental nature of modding (it was a New X-Men skin on the Jean booster).

Is there any way to have the game start with a different set of chars? Do Thor, Cap, Spidey and Wolverine always have to be in there?

I'm glad your problem has been fixed thanks to Deedooo and Whiteking. The new x-men skin flying weird is defintally a new issue. I used that skin on the booster several times while flying and nothing weird happened. Maybe if you used the Dark Phoenix boost because that is very glitchy when changing skins.

If you want 4 other starting characters you should edit the file charinfo. It is in the data folder.

I've enjoyed the boosters. I only have a problem with 1, the Thor booster. In his comic mission, it's supposed to replace the villain he fights. In my game, he fights Hawkeye (??) and Hawkeye just stands there. After Thor takes him out, the game continues to spawn more trolls and things for Thor to fight, meaning the mission never ends like it's supposed to.

Also, the Mystical Charge power that was added to Thor's menu does absolutely nothing when I try to use it in the game.

Did I do something wrong on installation? Or do I not have the most current version of the mod? Can somebody help me?

Hmm, that's weird. You have started a new game with default stats right? Did you install everything in the right place?

Yep, started 2 new games.
But I'm starting all the way over now. I uninstalled the game entirely. Deleted all associated mod files.

So I'm gonna reinstall and try it all over again.

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With more than a year in the making the Revanche XML2 Conversion is here. Hope she's worth it.

An excellent preview video made by Jeanfan123


NodoubtJr - for the original mod and help with coding

Shafcrawler - for the skins and loadscreen

Iammingy - for the katanna bolton

Ragincajun - for the Classic, Assassin, Outback Armor, and Blindfolded huds

Marquis - for the House of M hud

??? - for the Kwannon hud

Deedooo - for the icons


No mannequin - I'd recommend using any existing Psylocke mannequin as a placeholder until Deedooo is finished with her mannequin

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She finally released.
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looks good, im glad you finished it :)
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