MUA2 Official site characters reveal (updated w/ May's clue)

Started by Gevth, February 21, 2009, 05:44PM

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Awesome! Deadpool looks cool!

And I still am dissapointed with MUAII. I've never been a big fan of Deadpool but he will be nice to play as,

a tad off topic but war machine apears to be a seperate character than iron-man see:
i don't know if it's just for a cutscene, or if he's an npc or even (gasp) playable
your thoughts?
(you may need a gmail account to veiw the pic if someone wants to refind it, or reupload mine feel free)

i wish they made a mini trailor for Songbird :(
but deadpool looks cool, but i HATE! the boots! errrrgh :(

I knew it! One is Deadpool and the one of the clues is Cable. They had a comic together, they fit so bad on it!!

Quote from: marvelfan12345 on May 18, 2009, 04:03PM
And I still am dissapointed with MUAII. I've never been a big fan of Deadpool but he will be nice to play as,

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It looks like they gave Deapool his mua extreme as a fusion just done a bit differently.

Yeah, and apparantly it can hurt allies too...
CosmoChakra's mods !

Skins of HULK,PUNISHER,LUKE CAGE so far!!!

I like Jean grey. She has to be my favourite Marvel Herion with Invisible Woman, Shadowcat and Emma Frost. I do miss Jean when she was limited. I think it's good that she is in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Also to agree with other people I do HATE  it when people think somthing mysterious or cosmic happens. 'OH MI GAWD!!! Jean has came back as the Dark Phoenix and has came to kill another five billion people'. Also I do get sick and tired of her dieing then popping back in out of no where. Anyway I don't remeber her bieng dead in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 timeline. She was alive in Marvel Ultimate Alliance. She was brainwashed then she was kidnapped and THEN  you had to choose if either Jean or Nightcrawler should die. Either way. The Phoenix would of yet again bonded with Jean to ressurect her. Even if she did die during MUA2 the Phoenix probably just restored her again. Jean is cool though.

My favourite Marvel heroes, if they are here in little avi form XD :  :phoenix:  :iwoman:  :kittyp:  :emmafrost:  :marvelg:  :psylocke:  :cuckoo:  :storm: