Gameplay features wishlist for future games

Started by kfcrispy, November 11, 2009, 10:55AM

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November 11, 2009, 10:55AM Last Edit: November 11, 2009, 10:58AM by kfcrispy
1. Controls (I'll use the PSX control scheme)
-Have both Fusions and individual Xtremes: The way to activate this should be using the same R2 that is used for regular powers, and you'll use the direction pads that normally switch character controls. R2+ your character = Xtreme, while R2 + other character = Fusion. BOOM, I just saved L2 and preserved the 4 powers on the face buttons.
-I miss the Assist button where your AI buddies help out on your target. I'd like to see his restored to L2. Hell, they can even make a full-team Fusion oor something with R2 + L2.
-Block canceling from MUA2 is a nice feature, but they probably need to charge Energy in order to use it.. anyway, cancel, block, and roll on L1.
-Heal/revive is a good feature from MUA, I'd keep it on R1. If we don't keep it though, what about a second powerset? that way you can quickly access 8 powers instead of just 4...

2. Reviewing/Replaying stages in MUA2 was very good, keep this change..

3. XML allowed the team to be separated. A nice update would be to keep this feature, but when Nightcrawler or Dust teleports to an inaccessible room or if Storm flew over a large gap by herself, AND if it's a path that actually continues in a stage, have a button on the other side that opens a door or lowers a bridge so the AI can come over.
Team Separation should also prevent fusions and possibly have other penalties (maybe reduced XP, team bonuses, passives, and boosts are lost, can't heal an ally, etc)
Team Separation can also add a puzzle-solving element, like 4 characters need to go to different rooms to unlocks doors for one another.

4. For multiplayer, allow separation by providing independent screens instead of forcing everyone to be on the same screen. This idea might only work for Multi-player, but TVs are getting so large that perhaps split-screen is okay... Then the stages don't have to be dumbed-down. You still get a separated team, and AI will follow a player if possible...

5. More creative puzzles/challenges. Besides my Team Separation example, how about "simultaneous missions" where you need to form multiple teams so that you can't have the same character on 2 different teams... they don't have to be actually simultaneous; in a 1-player game, you just do one mission with Team A then you finish the mission or there's a break, and it's Team B's turn.
Also, having several paths was really nice touch in the XML games (even in Mandarin's MUA stage) - if your team had a flyer, the flyer can take the team over a gap, or if there's someone with Might, you bust through a different path.

6. If we have both Fusions and Xtremes, the Xtremes shouldn't all be damaging ones like most were in MUA... XML2 offered alternates to the damage-all Xtremes which was a really nice touch.