50 / 36 / Vital Roster Hack - "The Holy F**kin' Grail"

Started by Outsider, December 25, 2019, 04:54AM

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By now, you're familiar with both the 36 & 50 Roster Hacks, but both feature a lot of extras that are modder-friendly. What if you don't want all the extra stuff? The Vital Roster Hack is a simplified version that features both the 36R & 50R. It contains everything you need, and nothing you don't.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please note that the Vital Roster Hack is only compatible with the original 2006 port of MUA. It will not work on the "remastered" 2016 Steam version. Unsure which version you got? Check the game folder -- if you see .bin files and the exe file date is 2016, then you've got the "remastered" version that is useless here. You can find a free, legal, and safe archived version of the game in the MUA1 Mod Installation Guide.

Before using any roster hack, you MUST first have the latest Official Characters Pack (OCP) installed in your game. Go here: https://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,11037.0.html.

When downloading a roster hack, some antivirus software may say there's a trojan or some unsafe file in it. I can assure you that all of the files are completely safe. So beforehand, add your entire MUA folder to the exclusions list of your antivirus software such as Windows Defender, Norton, McAfee, etc. Also, the roster hacks will not work with Linux.

-Up to 36 or 50 heroes are now playable, extending the roster to almost twice the vanilla roster. All can level up and use items with no problems. Saving data is not a problem either, as the game's memory has been increased.
-Can now switch effortlessly between 36R and 50R via batch files, just in case you want less for a certain roster. (50 is the default.)
-New awesome-looking character select stage with double platforms.

-Some characters will have all of their outfits locked, including the one they are wearing. Fortunately, the "Unlock All Costumes" cheat code will fix that.
-When not using all official characters, the last two or three characters may not have a blue circle on their first power. The "Unlock All Powers" cheat code will fix that.

-Please read the "Read It" file included BEFORE installing it. I cannot stress this enough. If you need help, ask us at our Discord server. Don't say there's something wrong with it -- you're just installing it incorrectly.

Nikita488: Limit Adjuster plugins, dinput8.dll
Outsider: Package creation, 50R & 36R Switch batch file, pre-made herostat
UltraMegaMagnus: Team stage alteration

Scottsum: Switch_to_36R & Switch_to_50R batch files
Emanuel(MUAXP): Default team stage

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...the result of wide-eyed downloading + trial and error...I love this mod.

I can't thank you enough for making the 50-char roster possible.