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Started by Cates, April 28, 2007, 09:37PM

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I've never played any released MUA mod that's crashed the game, so I wouldn't worry.  None of these guys release anything unless it works.

add namor to the list.   


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QuoteWho knows if any of these mods don't crash the game, or are still under modification, because I would like to know which ones are finished so that I can download them onto my game.

It's probably a good idea to add information about completeness to each entry in the catalog. Maybe an entry could look something like this:

XML1/2 Conversion Thread
Two skins
Four HUDs

Known Bugs:
animation on Fire Spray power sometimes sticks for a second after button is released.

In the "Needs" section we could list icons, HUDs, skins, Xtreme, etc so enterprising modders can work to fill those holes (with creator's permission, of course) if they wish. Bugs is self explanatory. In this way, the format works to encourage further completion of mods. We have a lot of mods (mine included) where two or three things are missing from what would otherwise be a complete game add-on.


Any thing that I have done "all" who wish to work on may and I welcome all help, I overlook somethings and have so many files strown about its hard to keep up. Maybe if (we) keep going the game will get better-n-better  :)
And their turning us into Monsters its all designed!!

'Maybe'? 'If'? C'mon cvc the efforts here only made this game better Exponentially!  I play around with some of your mods cvc, but I can't seem to make em any better! 

Cates - I like the idea of adding that extra info ala XML2 thread

*woop* new character for the list - Mr. Sinister!

Sinister and Garokk added. I'm working on compiling a needs/bugs list for each of the characters I've uploaded. Also thinking about reorganizing into character categories as the list continues to grow.

By the way Cates, are you Trevor Cates from perchance?

No sir. Cates be an alias :)

the link on my balder mode has been changed, it no longer points to the same one as the one in the cataloge since i did a few updates on the character
"Where soars the Silver Surfer,
there must he soar alone."

Bookmarked! Oh, and has anyone ever thought about Carnage being a character in this game? He's definitely one of my favorite marvel villains, and I'd personally love to be able to play as him. I could see him being similar to venom in some ways, yet with his own differences, like instead of having the tentacle PBAoE attack, he'd probably make his hands into axes/scythes and know, things like that.

Havok would be another character I'd drool over being able to play.

And Onslaught...would just amaze me. I'd have so much fun just blasting through stages as Onslaught.

Of course, neither of these would make any sense storyline-wise, but it'd definitely be a blast to play them.

Something I found while searching for something else. Haven't tested it yet, but Clea's supposed to be Dr. Strange with a different skin and Crystal is not done yet, I believe.

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FYI: First post in thread now reorganized. Modders, let me know if you'd like to include some notes about the mods listed.

Several new characters added as well.