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Started by Cates, April 28, 2007, 09:37PM

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it helps if u tell us wat u need help with...DUH!

will the mods work on psp

no... this is pretty much all for PC. the psp exclusive characters have been made available on PC but not the other way...i dont kno if anyone is considering trying to do that but its not a project that is out in the open right now and i doubt it will happen

I need help too, and the only prescription is....

Please Do Not Spam the Mod Catalog Thread.

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Roger that. I copy.

Quick question? Do the mua mods work for x-men 2? My bad blizz

Somewhat. Power values'll be off, and you can only use 1 skeleton as opposed to 2. (technically, 2 as opposed to 3, but that is a matter for another discussion.....)

Hey Cates, anytime Blob is going to be released?

?.do you have to download other mods to make a new mod?

cates I am making a psp wii pc xbox 360 character mod.Jean grey magneto superskrull.I need help on creating the superskrull mod.

I am making premere mods.I am tring to continue piccalo s work by adding magneto off dr stranges  talent file,jean grey off invisible woman's  talent file,and superskrull's powers off of thing's strenth and handclap,his flight and  and flame trower  off of ms. marvel and humun torch, force  fields blast and  elastisity.And for a xtreme....I m working on it. give ideas to me.