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Started by Cates, April 28, 2007, 09:37PM

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Well, there's lots of resources here on this site. That's how I learned to do this--searching the forums, playing with the skinner, messing around with talent files. I don't really know what "ideas" you want. Seems like you have some. Just go at it. That's the best way to learn.

My question is...has Blob been released yet?

You'd know if he had been.  There'd be a topic or he'd be in one of the release threads.

There was a release on a separate and different thread, I remember.

So then you just answered your own question, right?

dark phonix should be a skin

Discussion Thread
2 Skins(Classic, ?)

Hey Cates, how about these 2 costumes?

black and blue (similar to classic):

Rise of Apocalypse:

I have a third Apocalypse skin in the works, and my dream would be to have a mesh/skin that looks like Apoc from Apoc v. Dracula (cool big blue armor). That's unlikely to happen, so I'll be VERY pleased with any new skin for En Sabah Nur. What probably is most needed is a "classic" skin with the A on the belt. That would be the most recognizable to people.

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Not an actual character mod per se, but here are the links for both a Punisher skin and Punisher hud (to replace one costume from Nick Fury):

(from this topic:

(from this other topic

Skin by Darkmythology, hud by Rogue

Maybe having them around here will have someone decide to create an actual Punisher mod.

Actually, the HUD was made by ROGUE.  I just inserted it for her before she figured out how to use MUAskinner.  Credit goes to her, not me.
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