Started by Riku_replica13, December 02, 2009, 12:09PM

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First of all, Burning rage, there was no need to close my topic just because it was in the wrong area, because it was MOVED ALREADY!!

So, I´m trying make my modded game work but I just get a black screen afterthe pS2 logo, can it be my assetsfb.wad file?I´m doing something wrong at the iso saving process?(saving after modding the file).

And another question is, anybody can post here a working assetsfb.wad file?, I really guess that´s the problem.

Waiting for response...

I didn't close your topic, I merged it with your other one where you were asking the same exact questions.  There's no need to have multiple threads asking the same questions.  I'm not going to go out of my way to answer the same question multiple times just because you are impatient and feel like posting multiple topics for the same questions.  Since the content in this topic is the same yet again as your other topic, I will be closing this one.

Refer to the topic here:
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The PS2 mod was never tested except for by one person, who made the mod.  Odds are it probably doesn't work.