Request for MUA(PS2)

Started by Riku_replica13, December 08, 2009, 12:03PM

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I'd like that  Moon Knight is make a working Moon Knight char for ps2, because canino's Moon Knight is really glitch.

Collossus work but moon knight crashes the game if removed from team, that's what I want!!

Sorry, you'll have to do it yourself.  Nobody here has a modded PS2 to build the mod with.  Try emailing Canino.

Hey guys, I´ve been trying to play my modded MUA Game, but Moon Knight is really glitch.

-The game crashes if remove him from team.
-The game ramdomly* crashes if you put him on team or enter SHIELD AP after a mission
-Cannot change his outfits(game crashes too)

How can I solve this problem?

*Cough Cough* For PS2 you say? *cough cough* Look here*cough cough*

*Cough cough * nice solution *cough cough* you should be proud of yourself ~~' *cough cough*

Merged both topics since its by the same person using two accounts, asking the same thing.
Please search the forum before asking a question. I dont answer
PMs about modding, those questions should be posted in a public thread.
What im currently working on:
My mods are mine to booster/update, I will not give anybody permission to do it