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May 02, 2018, 03:45PM #1200 Last Edit: May 02, 2018, 03:52PM by Bruce Bixby
"Mr. Stark you've become part of a bigger universe, you just don't know it yet."
10 Years Ago Today the MCU was born with the release of Iron Man on May 2 2008.
10 years ago who could've imagined that what this would turn into?

So in addition to the current MCU, it appears that Sony is trying to create it's own MCU. Started with Spider-Man: Homecoming, it so far seems to feature Spider-Man related heroes. We know that Venom is getting a movie later this year (trailer looks good), and rumors say that they are attempting Silver & Black for next year which teams Silver Sable and Black Cat together. But, the one that interests me the most admittedly is the rumor since March 2018 about Spike Lee signing on for a movie of Nightwatch.

My curiosity wonders how the heck they are going to remake that character, as his origin is weird and he caught a lot of flack for being a Spawn knock-off. Even after his costume change, there was still nothing interesting about him. And don't even get me started on that whole "Nighteater" crap. (You can decide for yourself here: I'm just wondering how they are going to revive and redeem this character and make him cool enough for us to forget his strange comic history. With so many Marvel properties out there, he just seems undeserving. If Spike Lee wanted to feature another black superhero, I think Monica Rambeau would be far more interesting. But, who knows? Maybe they can make Nightwatch cool ...somehow.

I don't know how to feel about Sony's future movies. They didn't share the rights for Venom and other awesome Spider-man characters; Venom movie trailer looks good and all but how are they gonna do him justice without Spider-man in the history. Makes no sense.

To me the venom trailer looked meh.. seems they're going full origin story and have him track down the people Who made him Venom
I'm still holding my breath for a movie in which the villain can be just that.. a villain.

Also wasnt homecoming mainly Marvel's doing with Sony just extending the rights?
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I'm not excited for Venom. I'm not a big fan of Tom Hardy, and also I want Venom to be done as a true villain, not an anti hero. He would be much better off as a villain in a Spider-Man movie.

I read that Tom Holland was seen on set, so if there's a Peter Paker cameo I might get excited about the future.

Saw it again for the third time and I still cry 😭😭😭

June 14, 2018, 02:29AM #1207 Last Edit: June 14, 2018, 05:24AM by Bruce Bixby
10th Anniversary of the Incredible Hulk. Despite the critical reception & ranking among MCU movies, Ed Norton's Hulk was bad ass. I like his Hulk better than Ruffalo's even though canonically they're the same. Norton's Hulk was tall, lean, ripped & moved faster, unlike Ruffalo's stumpy ape like Hulk. Either way, Hopefully sometime in the future we'll get a better than average Hulk movie MCU or not.

* I like Norton's Hulk better than Ruffalo's. But Ruffalo is the better Banner.

If I'd rank the MCU movies, Hulk would still be somewhere at the bottom, but that's really not to say that I don't think it's much good - I think ALL of the MCU movies are good-to-great - it's just that I like most of the other movies even better. But yes, I do like the Incredible Hulk movie a lot & agree Norton did a great job (although I would not rank him over Ruffalo).

What I appreciate most about the movie is that it deals with the origin story in about a minute, through sinister flashbacks. It jumps right away to what I think is the most interesting part about the Hulk: Banner on the run, trying to escape from not only the military but also the Hulk itself, simultaneously searching for means to get rid of the monster altogether. He doesn't want to turn into the Hulk and he's deathly afraid of what the Hulk could cause. And I think the movie & Ed Norton pull this off really well.

I also really like Tim Roth's take on Emil Blonsky, whose powers and fighting style come across like a dark version of Captain America once he's enhanced for the first time.

Some of Hulk's trademark lines and actions are built up very well. "Leave Hulk alone", "Hulk smash", the handclap.

Things I like less:
-Liv Tyler's Betty Ross isn't thoroughly terrible but too often speaks in a hushed tone that can get on your nerves if you pay attention to it. With a couple of friends, I have an in-joke based on her repeatedly saying "It's okay..."
-Once Abomination goes on a rampage and the military and Banner observe the onslaught from the helicopter Bruce is transported in, he argues to be released to have the Hulk fight Abomination because he's 'the only one who can stop him', but his main argument is "I have to do it!" without any further explanation. How does he trust that he has the Hulk under his control and won't make the problem much worse? The lack of reasoning within this key scene is a main factor in my relatively lower ranking of the movie.

Saw Captain Marvel yesterday and really enjoyed it. The take on the Skrulls is especially good: some quality Secret Invasion stuff turning into something else altogether, which properly deepens the film.
And the cat is brilliant.

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Who's watching Endgame tonight?! Who's watching tomorrow!? & who has already seen it!?
I'm so happy I got to witness this Marvel Decade of films!

Incredible movie. I figured there's no way they could wrap up all the plots and made it still make sense, but they got darn close despite a few minor things here and there.

And that final battle, damn, what a fan service feast. Defintely a satisfying ending to the Infinity Saga
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I was satisfied & sad at the same time.

It was absolutely incredible. No Marvel movie could possibly satisfy every Marvel fan in every way, but I'd say they did a really good job making sure everyone was catered to, and it ended the way that it needed to.

April 27, 2019, 11:47AM #1214 Last Edit: April 28, 2019, 11:46AM by Hobgoblin
If any movies ever deserved the word 'epic' attributed to it, both Infinity War and Engame would certainly apply. It is spectacular in so many ways.

However, I do have one single critical issue with the plot. In the MCU, 50% of all life suddenly finds itself at a 5-year difference with the other 50%. That is actually pretty terrible when you think of it. People will have moved on, found new partners, died of natural means or even have killed themselves over their loss. What will happen in Spider-Man: Far From Home? Did his entire class vanish in the snap, or is half of it now already in university?
Thinking about it makes me sad and confused. I would honestly much rather have had the whole snap invalidated entirely (like in the comics, where Nebula used the gauntlet to restore everything 'exactly like it was').