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Started by Quentin Hex, January 28, 2010, 05:20PM

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no, duplicate the original texture as a new layer, make it black&white without using greyscale mode

with photoshop, you can adjust the black/whiteness of each color. If you match the blueish parts of spidey to the whiteness of the logo, then spidey will be all white with muscles etc.

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the spider
an alternate universe version of peter parker where he merges with the carnage symbiote and becomes a psychotic killer with a deadpoolesque sense of humor. fun bit of trivia; he was condemned to 67 consecutive life sentences.

i think this skin would work pretty well with mingy's toxin mod, but i'm not sure

found here:

looks hella good deedoo! remember the tip I gave, it'll come in handy with all skins:P

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thanks blaw. for both the tip and the compliment.

now i deiced to index my skins, i need to put the skins from the first post somewhere so here seemed like as good a place as any. so her goes nutin:
Quotespidergirl skins

spidergirl: all black v0.78 (PS2)

spidergirl: armored (PS2)

spidergirl: x-men (ps2)
will update the all black skin sometime. make it slightly more natural and fix the spider logo a little.

spiderman skins

spiderman: spidergoblin

spidey: ultimate symbiote (ps2)

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jean grey-X-tastic four (if anyone has a better name for this skin, please do tell)
this skin is on a ps2 model. also the picture above distorted the face a little.

it can be found here:

And there's more:
three flavors of invisible woman black outfit, for your pleasure. click the pic to downlood.

What goes for Rocco600 also goes for you.
Credit the creators of MUA for the "Spider-Man dark avengers" skin. Because:
Quote from: deedoospiderman's symbiote skin repurposed for venom. it's not perfect, but it works for me

I don't know if it includes packages for a fifth skin, but anyone can do a skin swap.

oh. i thought saying it was repurposed was enough. i'll run and fix that.

Ah well it's kind of fair eh^^.

PS: I like ultimate spidey's eyes btw ^^.

thanks. i personally am really happy with how his eyes turned out.
i'm going to alter venom dark avengers just a little. mainly so that it looks ok with spiderman's  symbiote skin (but if you were cool, you would have replaced spidey's symbiote with my ultimate symbiote :P ).

(who says I won't?:P)

Btw, perhaps an idea: Negative zone Spider-Girl? :P

looks possible. i'll try it.

can anyone think of a name for the jean skin found here?
it was just a custom skin i randomly made, but i can't think of a proper name for it...

Quote from: Deedooo on January 30, 2010, 02:54PM
i think this skin would work pretty well with mingy's toxin mod, but i'm not sure

I just tried out your skin on Toxin, and it looked great!