Deedooo's Skins (xml2)

Started by Quentin Hex, February 03, 2010, 10:47PM

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thanks :) i'm incredibly pleased with how they came out myself.

Hmm, they all look great, but shouldn't Black Widow original have black hair?

maybe, but i felt red hair was more traditional of her. and thanks, btw.

Ah yes, it is traditional. Maybe release a version of it with black hair? o-o I kinda wanna see how it would come out.

You're welcome. :D

i'll try and do that soon.

either way, another release:

this will not work for mua because the mua version uses skin segments, but the xml2 version uses boltons.

omg i didnt know you had dr voodoo for Xml2 and Jean Grey First Class!!! They look so goood XD

Awesome! I'll be adding these to the Black Widow mod.
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Loved that thunderbolts skin, downloading right now!
Great job, both skins looks great ^^
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LOVE the First Class skin.  All of them look great, but I am going to start using the First Class skin ASAP.