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Started by Teancum, July 19, 2019, 07:01AM

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*NOTE - for models released in mods prior to July 2019, see the "OLD MODELS" section

DXT1 & DXT3 - These are compatible with all versions of XML2 and MUA except PS2 and PSP. Most models will also work on XML1 Xbox/GameCube. Require an RGB-BGR swap between MUA1 PC and other versions

PNG8 (also known as PS2 texture) - These are palletized textures, and will work on all platforms except GameCube

OLD MODELS - Models exported from 3DS Max prior to the July 2019 discoveries will only work on MUA PC (the 2006 version)

REMASTERED -  If you are wanting models for the 2016 remastered edition of MUA these will have to be optimized via Alchemy 5. More info to come.

Please note that when playing on older systems or on consoles certain models may not work. For example, a high poly model with a 1024x1024 texture has no business being on any console (except 360 possibly). Here are some recommendations when exporting for specific platforms:

  • PSP - Exported with PNG8 texture, 64x64 texture recommended. No more than a 128x128 texture or equivalent (such as four 64x64 textures) 3000 polygons or less.
  • PS2 - Exported with PNG8 texture, max 256x256 texture. 3000 polygons or less.
  • GameCube - Exported with DXT1 texture, max 256x256 texture. 3000 polygons or less.
  • Original Xbox - Exported with DXT1 texture, max 512x512 texture. 8500 polygons or less.
  • Xbox 360 and PC  REMASTERED - Exported with DXT1, DXT3 or DXT5 texture, 8000 polygons or less

Not to mention the REMASTERED poly being 8000 or less + no more than 2x 1024 textures based on your recommendation.
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Also the ps2 has size limit anything under 400kb will work,also gamecube the can't read dx1/dx3 but wii can