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Started by Jeanfan321, March 05, 2010, 04:57PM

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On it to a site I see only 1 model Jean Grey, prompt where still to find...

Quote from: Pheonix035 on April 14, 2012, 08:22PM
On it to a site I see only 1 model Jean Grey, prompt where still to find...
i'm sorry are you asking for one of jean's skins in the picture? I don't really know what your asking...

NPC Mod Booster

Preview Video:
Download Link:

This Mod Includes:
New Bosses to Fight that replace Ultron Warrior,Ultron Striker,Scorpion,AIM Trooper,AIM Reaver,Super Soldier,Bullseye,Winter Soldier,Radioactive Man, and MODOK.

Please Note that these npc's are kind of hard but not impossible to beat.

None if found please report

Deedooo,Fox,and Polygone for beta testing
Whiteking for Emma Frost NPC from Xml2 and Sabertooth
Nodoubt_jr for Quicksilver
Teancum for MUA2 Assets
Blaw for Quicksilver and Moonstone Mesh
Creators of MUA and Xml2
Deedooo for Songbird Skin
If I forgot to credit you please let me know.

Notes: I honestly love this mod. It adds a little challenge to the game with juicy new bosses to fight. From Songbird and Moonstone, to Emma Frost, and then the Morlocks its pretty cool and fun. It adds a little challenge but it's not impossible to beat. This is just a early preview of what I'm doing. I honestly want to replace all the bosses in MUA with new ones and even replace the HUDS and convos also. But for now enjoy


Glad you finally released your NPC mod.  It's great, and now everyone can enjoy it!
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Might I say that this NPC mod is amazing!! I love the way that you replaced the AIM troopers and people with Morlocks! Amazing!! And the everyone else, they make the game even more challenging!

But I noticed that your Morlock Brutes don't have any costumes, they are still the super soldier's but I found a costume for them so they can all have new costumes! :D

Oh and in your workbench I posted a picture with the Stepford Cuckoo's replacing Mysterio. So that way you don't have to get rid of them!

Love the mod, alread had a little preview of course, but its still awesome
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This is amazing! Great work. Do you have the JUggernaut and Blob NPC booster that replaces shocker and rhino?

THx Me! i it brings back the xmen legends memories when i fight the bosses. Keep up the great work!

Hi, the Storm booster 1.0 mod link does not work anymore. Is there anywhere else I can download it? Thanks for your time.

Yes, the link for the Storm Booster is down! Could someone upload it please?  :storm: :storm:

LOVE the Jean head effect and I LOVE the 1st skin that you used on the preview (the one on the left), where can I get that one cause It's not in the "link-based skin catalog"?