Lakan's List: Introducing -- Sif

Started by Lakan, July 06, 2013, 02:33AM

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QuoteYou have a different style of playing, and I do not play the way you do.

Not really though - I suspect our approach to actual game-playing is very similar. It's merely my way of testing out mods, as I do want to fully invest in a roster of 27 characters I like playing for, so I do want to know what they have to offer. It happened to me a couple of times in the past that I wasn't so happy with one or two heroes halfway through the game.

Guy thanks for the mod sif. It really is amazing the amount of animations of movement. Congratulations. I want to report my experience with your mod:
1 - I had problems with the numbering because it was conflicting with the numbering of rocket raccoon, then I replace the numbering of sif by number aqua (156);
2 - The teleport of the sif leads to places where she can die.

Under general, your mod is great fun, enjoyed it, I will keep with it in my set permanently.

I'm glad you like my mod. Sif's death due to teleportation rarely happens. See my previous post about this case.

Rocket raccoon has a new slot number (see the new CCC). Try re-downloading this character.

Let's change the play!