Just downloaded the DLC for free

Started by ashengrey, January 18, 2011, 03:32PM

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I was just looking at the DLC for Xbox and lo and behold. They both said free. I nearly crapped my pants. I downloaded both of them ....
except they don't show up. The space where they are supposed to be is just blank and it says ..... locked.

Help me out amigos.

Go to the market place and check it out.

Oh bloody hell!
I think what I downloaded was a compatibility patch. So I can play with someone online who has those.

Ugh! So close.....

Anyways .... download it .... maybe someone can figure out how to unlock them.

Yeah you downloaded the wrong thing, the characters shouldn't even be up for download any more, and the only thing that is free are the things that make it so you can play with others with those characters sorry :/

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Guys. I saw that too on my PSN. Looks liked we need to online w/ someone who has the offline moded character pack. We do know that the purchased characters are also available in offline modes by alone. /_*??? Did i just missed i anything i must say about it.
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