Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Started by ragincajun, March 28, 2010, 10:16AM

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Sad. It could be fun, to fly around with Spidey 2099 in his high-tech universe. Or sneak around in Noir Spidey's world


At about 6:28 she lists the platforms that it's coming out on, one of them being the PC.  I'm editing the Wikipedia article, and even though we can't use YouTube as a source I bet in a day or two it will be confirmed, unless this lady messed up.

What do you think it? Can it be possible, that it will be moddable like Web of Shadows (New Skins)? BTW, as much as I saw, it's like if every story would get it's own kind of graphics, so it would need a real nuclear power plant, to make it run on the PC :D

I don't know that system requirements will be so bad.  Beenox has been doing PC ports of games for years and years, so they know how to optimize games for the PC (they did XML2 and MUA1).  As far as the four universes looking different most of that is done via shaders, so there's nothing special there as far as system requirements.

now comes the internal debate of wether i want to get it for the wii or the pc...my life is so hard XD. i'll probably go for pc so i can use my control pad.

WTF? She says pc, OMG!!!!!!!!!!

I guess it was my Q.
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Gah, someone keeps changing the Wikipedia page to say certain costumes are only for certain Spider-Mans.  No sources have pointed that out that I can see.  If there's proof on out there that's fine, but it needs to be backed up. I'm tired of reverting those edits.

Will there be other costumes, than the "pre-order" ones? (I remember the good times, when players got full games for their money and no "do this and this and you will get something extra, for extra money of course")

From Wikipedia:

Quote* Iron Spider-Man (at Amazon.com only, for 2099 only as an early unlock - all consoles)
* Scarlet Spider (at Kmart only as an early unlock)
* Negative Zone Spider-Man (at Best Buy only as an early unlock)
* Spider-Armor
* Manga Spider-Man

Tying back to what Su said, pre-order bonuses personally offend me :|

They made video games just like the real world, where the rich people get all the cool stuff and the people that can't afford it get screwed.

That's why I don't play a lot of games. I was lucky with Fable 2 and GTA IV though, as I bought Fable 2's Game of the Year Edition (With the DLC stuff included) and GTA IV's DLC being Episodes from Liberty City. So, they should only make DLC, and every kind of bonus, if they make a Gold, GOTY Edition or anything like that after it. (I hope they will make GOTY Edition for Fable 3 too, they want DLCs for that) Sorry for being off-topic. About what I read, that two, which isn't pre-order bonus, so that two were just revealed for now, but there will be more hidden costumes :)

A PC Version of the new Spider-man game. Yahoo! I love the Spider-Man games. I have Spider-Man Movie 1, 2 and 3, Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2, Spider-Man Friend or Foe, Spider-Man Web of Shadows and seen the 3 movies. If Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions come to PC i be happier then ever.
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Bennox is the developer of the game. I was on Beenox's Twitter page and the team announced that Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions will come to the PC. The announcement came for 6 to 7 hours ago. I was also on their website and it also says the Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions will come to PC as the other platforms. Hurray!!!
We all have secret. The ones that we keep. And the ones that are kept.